4.0 / Cataclysm Balance Druid Rotation, Glyphs, Tips and Tricks

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Glyph of Moonfire (this also affects Sunfire)

Glyph of Insect Swarm

Glyph of Wrath

Rotation (from 0 Energy)

I personally like to move towards Lunar first and get Starfall cooldown up and running ASAP.

Force of Nature

Moonfire, Insect Swarm

Wrath (this ensures your power is moving the right way to get your Starsurge going the right way)


Wrath until Lunar Eclipse (Starsurge whenever Shooting Stars Procs, or is off cooldown.)

Lunar Eclipse

Starfall (Starfall on cooldown from now on).

Insect Swarm, Moonfire

Starsurge (also cast whenever Shooting Stars Procs, or is off cooldown.)

Starfire until Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

Berserking (if Troll)

Insect Swarm, Sunfire

Starsurge (also casting when Shooting Stars Procs, or is off cooldown.)

Wrath until Lunar Eclipse


Tips and Tricks

I always cast Starfall FIRST in my Lunar Eclipse, as Starfall is not benefited by haste, I do not want to waste one GCD while under Nature’s Grace (which happens when I moonfire)

I always cast Force of Nature when I’m NOT under Nature’s Grace (usually between Eclipse), for the same reason as Starfall.

Nature’s Grace is an odd talent, in that it doesn’t grant the spell haste to the spell that causes it to proc.  That being said, you’ll want to Insect Swarm before Moonfire in Lunar Eclipse, and Sunfire in Solar Eclipse.  Sunfire’s base damage is higher then that of Insect Swarm, when both are glyphed.

While Berserking does not specifically state “haste”, it does give additional DoT ticks.

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  • Zeitgeist

    Intersting pick on the Starsurge Glyph. I have’t personally tested it cause i havent’ found a glyph for it on the PTR whenever i’m there or there is no one that can make it. I have the STarfire and the Wrath eclipse available for that third spot.

    I have been playing with the Wrath one and would like you to comment more on your Starsurge selection.

    Yes the idea of having more Starfalls is too tempting, does it really make any difference with that glyph when we should ideally use Starfall during Lunar Eclipse? How much shorter is the CD duration on average with the glyph?

  • Sunfyre

    Starsurge is the only way to guarantee you’ll have starfall up every Lunar Eclipse. It’s about a 5% dps increase to Starfall.

    If you want a starsurge glyph, just copy over with a glyph of nourish.

  • Azrael

    Unless they changed it, Starfall actually updates on the fly. I noticed damage going up quite a bit when a trinket or Omen of Doom procs halfway through.

    Still, with your rotation it should be entirely inside Lunar unless we get a massive SSP streak.

  • Bunbury

    I am still unclear how using Starfall benefits us, given that it has the potential to pull mobs we don’t want.


    • Sunfyre

      You can glyph it to reduce its range to provide added control in heroics. Pulling extra mobs generally isn’t a problem on raid boss fights and the extra range gives added flexibility.

  • Motw

    So basically, just dot, hit a wrath starsurge then wrath till proc then redot then starfire all the was down untill solar eclipse process then re-dot and wrath back to a lunar proc, with as many starfishes and cooldown spells as possible in the mix.

  • Motw

    Starfishes -___-. I meant starfalls

  • lawlrus

    i prefer starfishes

  • tindood

    I am having problem DPS. I am staying in 550 to 6500 in heroic runs. My gear gear score is 8100. Any advice will be appreciated. My gear needs will get better, I have picked up 2 heroic psc.

  • noobdrood

    When, if ever, do we use wild mushroom?

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