PTR: Mastery vs Haste

by on Sep.28, 2010, under Cataclysm

I was able to get Mastery to work on the new PTR build (I had to copy a new character over and learn mastery before I talented anything), so I reforged for Mastery and ran another 10mil damage to get a new parse. The DPS numbers obviously went up as I’m running 42% (158 Mastery) Eclipse damage versus 25% Eclipse damage (About 1.5k dps).

Here’s the numbers: 12979 DPS

Starfire: 22.9%
Wrath: 20.4%
Insect Swarm: 19.9%
Starfall: 16.0%
Starsurge: 9.3%
Moonfire: 5.8%
Sunfire: 2.9%
Languish: 1.5%
Moonfire (Direct): .5%
Sunfire (Direct): .5%

I’m ran these exact same numbers reforging the 158 Mastery into 134 Haste/24 Crit Rating to see how it skews the percentages. If Graylo’s calcs should be right, the 158 haste should easily win out. I think you can see how Insect Swarm lost a slight amount of percentage whereas Starfall gained it, as Starfall actually gains from Mastery and not Haste.

After exchanging 158 Mastery for 134 Haste & 24 Crit:

13424 DPS

Starfire: 22.1%
Wrath: 21.3%
Insect Swarm: 20.5%
Starfall: 15.6%
Starsurge: 9.0%
Moonfire: 5.7%
Sunfire: 2.9%
Languish: 1.8%
Moonfire (Direct): .5%
Sunfire (Direct): .5%

Starfall, as expected, did a smaller percentage as it gains nothing from haste, yet gains from the mastery. It appears Insect Swarm favors haste over mastery considerably.

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