New Beta Build, New Balance Changes (again)

by on Sep.28, 2010, under Cataclysm, PVP Discussion

Just one slight change in the most recent beta build:

  • Solar Beam now affects targets within 5 yards, down from 10 yards.

Not going to complain a whole lot.. 10 yards was kinda OP.

Also, looks like PTR received a slight patch.  I’ll provide details shortly.

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  • Fearon

    OP hmm … ? Mages/locks can lock you out for 8 sec and priests for 5 sec. PvP isn’t balanced around duels so you may assume there is always someone else around to CC/interrupt you or dispell the target allowing him to simply run out of it.

  • Sunfyre

    Instant roots means you can pretty much lock someone down after a trinket, though.

  • Fearon

    I also forgot to mention they are on a way shorter CD.
    Sunfyre i always wonderd, whats your highest 2s/3s arena rating :o?

  • Sunfyre

    I think you’ve read my blog long enough to realize I don’t do arena very often. My own personal opinion is that it ruined World of Warcraft.

    Arenas were launched in TBC with gear that matched Tier gear to give people who lacked the time/ability to raid to “feel important” with very similar looking purples. This was done merely to maintain a higher subscriber base, and because of arena, we’ve seen so many nerfs/adjustments/etc that have splashed over into PvE (the worst being when they tried to ramp water drinking).

    So many people make the quip “Scripted fights aren’t hard”, yet they forget most of the kids playing arena, are just that.. kids. I’m pretty sure heroic Arthas is much smarter then 95% of the arena population, and of course, all of the people making these claims aren’t Gladiators, nor have they done heroic LK (or probably regular LK). Too much of arena is based on having an optimum raid composition for the fight and having the right connection speed/latency/etc.

    I’m excited for rated battlegrounds, but dread another arena season coming around. They could personally nerf balance druid PvP into the ground and I wouldn’t blink an eye.

  • Fearon

    When i’m raiding it feels like i’m playing WoW in slowmotion. I know whats going to happen and the boss will never do something unexpected. You even get a big fat warning whenever he’s about to do something big. Then you have another 5 seconds to take some action. I find it extremely boring.

    WoW is a PvE and PvP game. They both affect eachother (Bryntoll anyone? or some ARP trinket?). Arena was invented because some people wanted a real challenge and they didn’t want those people to stop playing.

    Regarding the kids thing … I never ever had an arena partner who was a kid (and I play high rated). The reason for this is very simple: high rated arena requires fast thinking, fast reaction times and a strategical mind. Thats something most kids don’t posses yet.

    Arena setups are based on class synerchy (CC, burst and survivability). It has nothing to do with raiding.

    No PvE boss is smart. If they would be smart they would always win.

    Every good PvP’er can play PvE. Most ‘good’ PvE’ers can’t PvP (the ones who do usually play PvE because some of the items are superior in PvP).

  • Fearon

    No I don’t PvE anymore. Do you have any real PvP experience?

    Lets respect eachothers opinions?

  • Sunfyre

    I do respect your opinion, however, you claim that all PvE is easy and scripted and boring, and having 5 seconds to take action, but you haven’t done the hardest PvE content in the game, in fact, most people haven’t. If PvE content was so easy, it wouldn’t take most guilds 3-4 months of 10+ hours a week wiping to the same boss.

  • Fearon

    I have done my fair share of PvE, I just don’t do it anymore. I decided I play this game for fun and I didn’t like PvE so I don’t do that anymore (I’ll make an exception for 80-85 ;)). My life is to turbulent for raiding times anyway.
    I do have plenty of high rated friends who still do PvE to use the items in PvP. One is even a raidleader of one of the top guilds in the world. All of them say the only thing that can make PvE hard is the people you are doing it with.

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