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by on Sep.25, 2010, under Cataclysm

I just spent a great deal of time dumping damage into a test dummy on PTR, and I’ve discovered a lot of unannounced changes.

  • Sunfire and Moonfire are mutually exclusive.  If you cast Moonfire on a target, Sunfire is removed, and vice-versa.
  • Starsurge no longer helps you maintain your current eclipse longer, it actually moves you out of the Eclipse quicker.
  • I like this mechanic better for two reasons:
    • Swinging from Eclipse to Eclipse faster is better, as it allows greater Nature’s Grace/Nature’s Torment uptime.
    • You don’t have to worry about getting a Shooting Star’s proc and using Starsurge when already at 100 power, effectively not getting a power gain from Starsurge.
  • Starfall seems to have a VERY high chance to proc Clearcasting.  This may be a purposeful mechanic (and not a bug) that gives us a lot more free casts, thus mana conservation.
  • My DPS is much higher than it was in the last beta build, and I still don’t have Glyph of Starsurge.  It’s also considerably higher then on the heroic dummy on live.
  • And as I posted earlier:
    • Eclipse power no longer decays. It maintains constant unless you use a spell to reduce it’s power.
    • Eclipse no longer has a duration.  You maintain an Eclipse until you hit 0 power.

Looking at this parse, you’ll see that Starfire and Wrath still do about equal damage to each other.  Insect swarm also does a TON of damage, the max crit was 8700.  I tried to keep 100% uptime for it (when I remembered), because I always want two DoTs up to give me a higher chance of proc’ing Shooting Stars (which I’m still horrible at catching, by the way, the Starsurge damage should be higher).  The only thing that concerns me is the Sunfire and Moonfire DoT damage.  It’s off the page, but I casted Moonfire 39 times and Sunfire 36 times, so they have roughly the same amount of casts.  Currently the Glyph of Starfire extends the duration of Moonfire, but there’s nothing extending the duration of Sunfire.  I’d be much happier if they made the glyph somewhat different so Wrath would extend the duration of Sunfire.

Mind you, my parses were much higher than the last beta build and I’m missing 5% spell power, as leather mastery appears to be broken on this build.  Mastery is also broken, which is a huge nerf to damage.

All in all, I think Balance is shaping up quite well.

Update:  It appears Sunfire is currently bugged and not scaling with haste, and it’s ticking too slow as well, hence it’s low damage.


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