New Beta Build: Major Balance Overhaul!

by on Sep.18, 2010, under Cataclysm

A new beta build was released, and within it is many balance changes.  These changes look not to be pushed to the PTR yet.

  • Wild Mushroom now becomes visible after 6 sec, up from 4 sec. Base damage increased by 400% (from 269-304 to 1300-1573 damage.
  • Wild Mushroom: Detonate no longer costs mana, now has a 10 sec cooldown, and affects target within 10 yards, down from 15 yards.

While Wild Mushroom now has a longer detonate time and a cooldown, it seems to be much more potent with the base damage increase.

  • Starsurge now generates 15 Solar or Lunar Energy, up from 10.

While technically we get one less power from this, it also frees up talent points, so I’m okay with that!

  • Euphoria first effect revamped – While not in an Eclipse state, you have a 12/24% chance to double the Solar or Lunar energy generated by your Wrath or Starfire when they deal damage. When you reach a Solar or Lunar eclipse, you instantly are restored 6/12% of your total mana.

This makes us much less crit dependent, and should give us smoother transitions from Eclipse to Eclipse.  This will provide us much more mana back in the long run, and pairs nicely with Nature’s Torment (see below).

  • Earth and Moon now increases spell damage taken by 8%, down from 13%.

This is to align us with the other classes which had their spell damage raid buff decreased to 8% as well.  Nothing special here.

  • Genesis no longer increases the damage done by your periodic spells and increases the duration of your Moonfire and Insect Swarm by 6 sec instead.

This will be a DPS increase over the additional DoT damage.  With the addition of haste to our DoTs, we will get 2 if not 3 more ticks from both DoTs this way.  I’m curious if this will also affect Sunfire (see below).

  • Nature’s Grace revamped – You gain 5/10/15% spell haste after you cast Moonfire or Insect Swarm, lasting 15 sec. This effect has 1 minute cooldown. When you gain Lunar or Solar Eclipse, the cooldown of Nature’s Torment is instantly reset.

We should be able to swing from one Eclipse to another within 30 seconds or so, so this is giving us a pretty high uptime on Nature’s Torment.

  • Dreamstate (Tier 5) *New* – When you cast your Innervate on yourself, you regain an additional 10/30% of your total mana over its duration.

I’ve been advocating for this ever since I saw the Innervate nerfs that hit us. I suggested incorporating it into the Innervate glyph (to spare us talent points), but this will work as well.

  • Sunfire (Tier 5) *New* – While in Solar Eclipse, your Moonfire spell will morph into Sunfire – Burns the enemy for 196.24 to 239.85 Nature damage and then an additional [ 374.92 * ( Genesis : 100%/102%/104%/106% ) ] Nature damage over 12 sec.

It’s named after me.  Of COURSE it’s going to be amazing.  This should buff DoT damage in Solar Eclipse (and probably make Solar more DoT heavy than lunar, since moonfire damage under lunar isn’t impressive).  I’m more curious as to whether it inherits all of the talents / glyphs that boost Moonfire.

  • Shooting Stars (Tier 3) *New* – You have a 2/4% chance when you deal damage with your Moonfire or Insect Swarm to instantly reset the cooldown of your Starsurge and reduce its cast time by 100%. Lasts 8 sec.

Great ability, makes Starsurge more potent, and makes the Glyph of Starsurge even better.  Again, curious as to whether Sunfire also proc’s.

  • Overgrowth (Tier 2) *New* – Your Entangling Roots and Nature’s Grasp have a 50/100% chance to also root all enemies within 8 yards of the target.

LOL PVP!  I can’t wait to try this in Alterac Valley.

What’s YOUR opinion?

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3 Comments for this entry

  • Balourd

    You deserved a talent to your name long ago. :)
    All these changes sound amazing though, and with the refreshed Starsurge i can see parses getting wrath-starfire-starsurge-starfall damage dispersed well enough, making us less dependent on one ability or another.

  • Lobo BiZARro

    Overgrowth sound annoyingly fun!

  • Azrael

    I wonder if you turn into Moonfyre if i click solar of…

    E&M was expected… was kinda weird when it went back up. Anybody complaining about that can burn in three fires.

    I’d like to know if Sun- and Moonfire stack.

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