4.0 Things I Didn’t Know

by on Sep.14, 2010, under Cataclysm

I thought I kept a pretty good handle on what was happening in 4.0, but here’s a few things I didn’t know.  Maybe you didn’t either!

Mark of the Wild is now a scaling stat increase, as it increases all stats by 5%.

Force of Nature seems to have been buffed.  One summon of treants now does ~70k damage for me.

Lifebloom cost has been severely reduced, and the mana return has been removed.  (It’s not needed when lifebloom costs 220 mana).

Rebirth’s cooldown increased to 30 minutes.  (Didn’t they lower this to 10 minutes because they didn’t want people waiting for cooldowns?)

Any odd little things you care to share that you’ve noticed?

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  • Moonra

    Rejuvenation seems to have an increases healing on all tick, the lower level version nearly heals four times as much as it did before. I’m currently testing things on the PTR but I’ve found a few differences on the current and the cataclysm version of wowhead.

    I also found out that knockback reduction for spells seems to be build in instead of being a talent :) just found out a few mins ago, it’s nice to have

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