4.0 Damage Comparison

by on Sep.14, 2010, under Cataclysm

Here’s a breakdown of damage to a heroic training dummy, so you can see how damage scales and where our percentages are.

My rotation was:

Insect Swarm, Wrath, Starsurge, Wrath until Lunar Eclipse

Starfall, Moonfire, Starfire, Starsurge, Starfire until Solar Eclipse

Insect Swarm, Wrath x2, Starsurge, Wrath until Lunar Eclipse, Repeat.

If you notice, Insect Swarm does a LOT more damage then Moonfire, even though I have both glyphed.  (I also noticed that glyphs do not work if they’re not in their right slot, so you have to destroy your Major Starfire glyph and replace it in a prime slot).

Insect swarm max tick was about 10k, whereas Moonfire was only about 6k.

I was averaging about 10.5k DPS.  On a live training dummy I’m ~10k DPS.  This DPS value will go up once we can get Glyph of Starsurge.

I still need to figure out if it’s worth clipping a DoT and refreshing right before the Eclipse expires to maintain the 37% damage to the DoT.

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  • lissanna

    I would expect refreshing DOTs early to be worthwhile when they would benefit from Eclipse, since casting that DOT is essentially extending Eclipse up-time (ie. refresh moonfire during lunar & insect swarm during solar delays Eclipse running out and reduces the # of times needed to cast it when Eclipse is on cooldown). I’m not sure how the math works out, but it makes intuitive sense.

  • Orrak

    target dummy damage hasn’t changed too much, what I’ve had major problems with is leveling damage. I just feel very weak, mobs kill me almost as fast as I kill them, having to heal every 2-3 mobs, coupled with the new innervate just isn’t fun

  • Liak

    What do you mean for the 20% damage is it not 25% + extra with mastery.

  • Sunfyre

    You’re right, it is 25% plus the 12% from mastery, so 37%. I had my numbers mixed up. (Oddly enough you can’t see the damage percentage anywhere except by mousing over the buff).

  • Fearon

    What about magic mushrooms? Aren’t they implemented yet?

  • Orrak

    magic mushrooms on the beta currently only hit for 300-400 damage, they are however bugged in that they do damage immediatly upon placement, so take that number with a grain of salt

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