4.0 First Impressions

by on Sep.13, 2010, under Cataclysm

I’m not as horribly upset about moonkin in 4.0 as I thought I’d be.  Our balance seems to be alright.  We’re not horribly twinky like certain classes right now, but I do slightly more DPS on a dummy than I do on live.  (I did over 10 million damage to the training dummy without running out of mana once).  I am lacking the Starsurge glyph which would boost my damage quite a bit, and I’m pretty lazy on treants.

My first impressions on Eclipse:

It’s an interesting mechanic.  I think we’ll definitely want to keep stacking crit, just because it’ll move us the quickest from one eclipse to the other.  Starsurge hits just about as hard as Starfire (I did a 39.5k Starfire and 39.5k Starsurge).  I’ve noticed DoTs do not take burn any of the Eclipse meter, and I’ve been weaving my DoTs (Moonfire on lunar, Insect Swarm on Solar).

Anyone else have any opinions?

Here’s the first screenshot. which demonstrates the Eclipse bar.  Mousing over the bar shows a numeric value from 100 (Lunar), down to 0, then 100 (Solar). I’ll be re-vamping the Cataclysm page with a lot more screenshots soon.

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