Tier 11 Bonuses released

by on Sep.10, 2010, under Cataclysm

The tier 11 bonuses have been released.  While early tier gear never has spectacular bonuses, I feel slightly underwhelmed by these.

  • Balance 2P Bonus – Increases the critical strike chance of your Insect Swarm and Moonfire spells by 5%. / Instant
  • Balance 4P Bonus – Whenever Eclipse triggers, your critical strike chance with spells is increased by 99% for 8 sec. Each critical strike you achieve reduces that bonus by 33%. / Instant

The 5% crit bonus has always been an early bonus for us, although I think I’d rather have it be on Starfire and Wrath like the early Wrath bonuses.  I’m not convinced our DoTs are going to be that worthwhile.

As for the 4 piece bonus, it’s basically giving us 1-2 free crits.  Um… yay?

Your opinions?

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  • Artavur

    When you say that you don’t think our DoT’s will be important in Cataclysm, have you tested it on the beta ? Because I think it was Graylo from Gray Matter who did the math, and just the fact that our DoTs were benifitting from haste and crit made them represent like 30% of our DPS on a target dummy

  • CrossDressingPally

    Ever thought that the 4p bonus can be used like a Afflick Lock’s Corruption and a Shadow Priest’s SWP? ;).

    I don’t believe blizz changed the mechanics of dots too much in cata so you might be able to buff your moonfire and insect swarm to have the bonus for their duration.

    Heck with enough haste you might be able to get back to lunar eclipse to start casting starfire to increase your moonfire duration with your moonfire still buffed from 4p and solar eclipse proc =]. However if this is true it would make 2p semi worthless.

    Might be worth testing.

  • Ed


    it will be impossible for that 4 piece bonus to still be active since it reduces by 1/3 every time you get a crit. with 40% crit you will have 2 automatic crits and be at 77% crit. which will trigger way before the 8 second sis even up. basically it will give us 3 crits and thats it.

    as far as not using dots….we will be keeping them as close to 100% uptime as possible. with thi IS glyph it is hitting very hard. it alone has been accounting for about 18% of my damage. moonfire about 12% including the dd and dot.

    there’s also the fact that you HAVE to cast a dot on every eclipse proc to the nature’s torment haste buff.

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