Cataclysm: Druid glyphs released!

by on Sep.10, 2010, under Cataclysm

(h/t to Lissanna@Restokin for scooping this story)

New druid glyphs have been released, and are broken into three catagories:  Prime, Major, and Minor.  I will focus on the balance glyphs.  For a full druid list, please check out Restokin.

Prime glyphs:

  • Starsurge  – When your starsurge deals damage, the cooldown remaining on your starfall is reduced by 5 sec.
  • Insect swarm – Still increases damage by 30%, no longer mentions debuff.
  • Moonfire – Increases the periodic damage of moonfire by 10%
  • Starfire – Unchanged (starfire increases duration of Moonfire)
  • Wrath – Your wrath does 10% additional damage to targets afflicted by your insect swarm

Major glyphs:

  • Focus – unchanged (still reduces starfall radius for bonus damage)
  • Thorns – Reduces cooldown by 20 sec
  • Barkskin – Unchanged (reduces chance to be crit)
  • Roots – Reduces cast time of roots by 100%
  • Hurricane – Slows movement speed by 50%
  • Innervate – When innervate is cast on a friendly target other than the caster, the caster will gain 50% of inntervate’s effect
  • Monsoon – Unchanged (reduces cooldown of typhoon by 3 sec)
  • Rebirth – Unchanged (res with 100% health)
  • Solar beam – Increases the duration of your solar beam silence by 5 sec.
  • Starfall – Reduces the cooldown on starfall by 30 sec

Minor glyphs:

  • Aquatic form – increases swim speed by 50% in aquatic form.
  • Mark of the wild – Reduces cost of MOTW by 50% (NOTE: GOTW is gone and MOTW is now group & already costs no reagent)
  • Unburdened rebirth (unchanged) – rebirth no longer requires a reagent
  • Typhoon – reduces cost of the spell by 8%, increases radius by 10 yards, but no longer knocks enemies back

My opinion:

I like how the glyph system works in Cataclysm, as you can always swap glyphs in and out once you have them.  I think our prime glyph set is really going to allow us to tailor our abilities on a fight-per-fight basis.  On heavy tank and spank, direct damage, little movement fights, I’d want starsurge, starfire, and wrath.  During fights with a lot of movement, I’d probably favor the DoT-centric glyphs and go for Moonfire and Insect Swarm.  Having a third tier of glyphs also allows us to keep favorites like Starfall, but also add in additional utility glyphs like innervate.  I REALLY wish that innervate would have given the bonus if you cast on yourself as well, as a 20% mana return every 3 minutes is pretty weak.  (Unless nerfed, mages get 60% mana back at a lot quicker time with Evocation).

Your thoughts?

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  • Orrak

    These glyphs are very confusing to me. GC said that prime glyphs were going to be straight bonuses to spells you use a lot like +5% damage to fireball or cooldown reduction for fire ele. He also said that they didnt like the wrath design and that glyphs shouldn’t change your rotation. With that in mind why are Starsirge and wrath not talents, and why is starfall a major glyph and not prime? they seem to be contradicting themselves a lot lately

  • Elk

    Orrak, the glyphs listed are as straight forward as you can get; they are purely stat and ability buffs.

    The glyphs wont necessarily effect the druids rotation, however they will change how the druid stats him/herself. For instance I’m planing on stacking haste so that there will be no down time between eclipse procs. This stat build stacked with the 3/3 genesis talent means that my IS and MF may not need to be refreshed, so i wont need the Starfire glyph. Druids who stack more crit or mastery would have much longer eclipse cycles and the Starfire glyph would be an integral part of their build. Starsurge and Starfall glyphs may also be implemented to time the proc for starfall with that for lunar eclipse (as the buff now buffs all arcane dammage (woot!!)).

    Finally, it is ridiculous to suggest that such a fundamental aspect of the balance rotation should become a talent. It would be a wasted pre-requisite talent which is exactly what blizzard hoped to eliminate through the new talent trees.

    Hope this post was at least somewhat helpful, see you come cata!

    • Sunfyre

      Haste is by far going to be the heavier stat. I think there’s going to be a big difference in dps/glyph strategy when we’re 85 versus 80. At 80 we have the leisure of highly inflated numbers for haste and crit. Things such as glyphs, etc, may be totally different when we don’t swing from Eclipse to Eclipse as quick as we do at 80. At 80, starsurge glyph lines up starfall almost exact. We may not need it at 85 due to the longer period between Eclipses.

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