Moonkin: Now the haste-chicken?

by on Aug.02, 2010, under Cataclysm

Sorry for my late posts, I’m trying to catch up on a lot of old things as well as move IRL.

The latest data-mine from MMO-Champion shows a lot of changes to the balance tree, including a change in a core change in Moonkin form, now causing it to grant 5% spell haste instead of spell crit.  With the changes to Wrath, this may not be such a bad idea.


  • Starsurge now also generates 10 Lunar or Solar energy.
  • Wrath of Cenarius is now named Lunar Shower.
  • Lunar Guidance now generates an additional 2/4/6 Lunar or Solar Energy. (Down from 5/10/15)
  • Moonkin Form now increases spell haste by 5%. (Old – Spell crit)
  • Genesis now increases the damage and healing done by your periodic spell damage and healing effects and by Swiftmend by 2/4/6%. (Up from 1/2/3%)
  • Nature’s Grace now has a 100% proc rate for all ranks. increasing your spell casting speed by 5/10/15% for 3 sec.

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