Cataclysm Synergies

by on Aug.02, 2010, under Cataclysm

According to Ghostcrawler on the Cataclysm Beta forums, here are the class synergy thoughts for Cataclysm as of today:

Balance druids will be providing spell haste and spell damage increases.
Agility and Strength – Death KnightShamanWarrior
Armor – ShamanPaladin
10% AP – Marksmanship HunterEnhancement ShamanBlood Death KnightPaladin
Burst Haste – ShamanMage
3% Damage – Beast Mastery HunterArcane MageRetribution Paladin
Health – Warlock (probably Destruction), WarriorPriest
Mana Pool – MageWarlock (probably Affliction)
Mana Regen — PaladinShamanWarlock (probably Affliction)
Replenishment — Shadow PriestFrost MageSurvival HunterDestruction WarlockRetribution Paladin
5% Crit — Fury WarriorFeral DruidSubtlety RogueElemental Shaman
20% Melee Attack Speed — ShamanFrost Death KnightRetribution PaladinSurvival Hunter
5% Spell Haste — ShamanBalance DruidShadow PriestDestro Warlock
6% Spell Power — MageShaman
10% Spell Power — Elemental ShamanDemonology WarlockFire Mage
5% Stats — PaladinDruid

12% Armor Debuff — WarriorRogueDruidHunter
10% Physical Damage Debuff — WarriorDruid (probably bear), Protection PaladinWarlockBlood Death Knight
30% Bleed Damage Debuff — Arms WarriorFeral DruidSubtlety Rogue
30% Cast Speed Slow — WarlockRogueArcane Mage
5% Spell Crit Chance Taken — Fire MageWarlock (probably Demonology), Mage (possibly Frost)
25% Healing Taken — Arms WarriorFury WarriorHunterRogueFrost MageShadow Priest
10% Melee Attack Speed Debuff — WarriorDeath KnightFeral DruidProtection Paladin
4% Physical Vulnerability — Arms WarriorCombat RogueFrost Death Knight
8% Spell Damage Taken — WarlockUnholy Death KnightBalance DruidAssassination Rogue

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