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by on Jul.29, 2010, under General

A few changes are going live tonight, as mmo-champion reports, and are pretty major :
Starsurge now generates 10 solar/lunar energy baseline. Lunar guidance only generates an extra 2/4/6 (old : 5/10/15) solar/lunar energy.
Moonkin Form now gives 5% haste instead of 5% crit.
Genesis increases the damage from DOTS by 2/4/6% (old : 1/2/3%)
Finally : Nature’s Grace now is always 100% chance on crit, but 5/10/15% casting speed. This is a 5% decrease from live version. We do gain that 5% all the time on our aura though.
On a minor side, Heart of the Wild increases intellect by 2/4/6%, making it on par with Furor for moonkin benefits. Still going to pick it up on launch day (see my projected spec here)

Although it’s too early to theorycraft and start mathematicalizializing stuff, I can tell you that I’ve switch my SP gems for haste gems. All three of our nukes (Starsurge, Starfire, Wrath) aren’t bound by the haste soft cap anymore, therefore making haste very good. Feel free to prove me wrong or right in comments (read : I let more competent people do the maths)


Update #1 : I’ve been playing in the Worgen starting zone (which looks awesome btw. Goblin is very fun but Worgen’s great-looking). Seems like they have also set the Passive bonuses you get from choosing Balance.
Bonus spell : Starsurge (we knew that)
Bonus #1 : ┬áNature’s Focus :70% less pushback suffering on balance spells (we knew that as well)
Bonus #2 : Vengeance : +100% crit bonus from Starfire, Starfall, Moonfire and Wrath spells.
Bonus #3 : Dreamstate : 3% of your intellect as mp5
I don’t know if I get this correctly, but those are the bonuses we get to increase by stacking up mastery? So this means that with enough mastery…
More crit bonus? More regen? More pushback reduction? >_<
Update #2 : It took me some time to realize this, but it seems that Earth and Moon now only has 1 rank, and only increases your spell damage by 2%. The bonus damage taken by ennemies is also at 2%. Maybe a bug, because other classes still buff the full 8(?)%
Check out the new spec I’d pick up if Cata was live tomorrow.

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