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by on Jul.28, 2010, under Cataclysm, General

It’s hard to say what our class looks like so far, since most of the classes’s dynamics are disabled (Eclipse indicates a 0% buff to damage when reaching the 100 energy) + Starsurge (which hits for tons of damage btw) always increase Lunar Energy.
What i can tell you :
Starsurge is very nice. Hardest hitting spell in my spellbook so far, with a knockdown that lets you cast an extra starfire if you have a melee on you.
Jumping around casting moonfire costing 45 mana is hours of free fun.
I’ve picked up Heart of the Wild from feral tree to get increased intellect, with 2 points in Furor. Since lvl 80 doesnt let you get Master Shapeshifter, i prefered waiting till lvl 85 to get it.
Moonkin form was pretty much nerfed to the ground. You only get 120% armor contribution (my health dropped so fast when a rogue ganked me I didnt have time to hit barkskin), we lost the 15% damage reduction while stunned and no new skins for Worgen or Troll (so far).

Also, Insect Swarm isn’t trainable yet (probably will be implemented as a baseline spell when you chose Balance as a spec)
Grim portrait of our situation, you say?
Fear not, for this is only Beta and many changes are sure to come.

Edit #1 : For those of you with Feral off-spec, Pre-made characters don’t come with any feral weapon — or a tanking set. Feral talents are probably the farthest away from functionning (most of them are “go to trainer!” statused, but once at the trainer, you can’t train them)          Heck, Bear form isnt traineable!

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