Nature’s Graceful change.

by on Jul.02, 2010, under Cataclysm

A few of you might have been luckily chosen to be in the Closed Beta already, and if you are, you have experienced the new changes to deal with our haste soft cap.

It seems developpers have listened to our whining, because most of the changes asked for were delivered :

Haste caps and Nature’s Grace — We’re addressing the haste situation in a few ways. We’re going to up the cast time of Wrath to 2.5, up from 2 sec base (so 2 sec after you get Starlight Wrath). This should help the clipping issues. In general, your haste and crit stats won’t be as inflated as they were in Wrath of the Lich King so it will be more unlikely for you to reach caps for those stats. However, we are also considering short term haste power gains to scale off of your existing haste values. What that means is that instead of just increasing your haste by 20%, it instead will increase the haste value on your paper doll (or rather, the sum of how much haste you have itemized) by a percentage. So the more haste you have, the stronger the effect of Nature’s Grace is.

I think these changes are very interesting. This will make Haste once again a very valuable stat (one of our masteries, should you remember), this will push back the haste soft cap and the haste won’t be as inflated as in WOTLK’s retarded ilevels.

You guys make sure to check out the whole article about Eclipse changes and Nature’s grace changes on MMO-Champion

Bets are open. Who says we’re going back to BC era, when haste was stacked like no tomorrow ?:)

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