Assault on the Ruby Sanctum

by on Jun.30, 2010, under General

The new raid content is available to US servers. How do you guys anticipate the new boss? Will it be an easy fight for moonkins? Did any of you do it yesterday?
Loot is pretty interesting, trinket being probably BiS and cloak being extremely attractive!

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  • Lihai

    Not gonna lie, its movement intensive and we know how that goes. Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong :).

  • Nytelyfe

    Yeah pretty shitty fight for a boomy, not so much in phase 1 but definitely in phase 2 depending on the way your tank chooses to handle the dragon+orbs.

    Cat+Dash and Travel form come in handy. To save movement u can just hop on the other side of the spinning orb before the ‘line of death’ meaning itll be moving away from you and NOT chasing you. Then again, depending on how the tank handles the dragon, doing this could give u a face full of cleave/breath/tail.

    Fun fight tho :D (P.S, in 25RS, Hibernate+Trash mobs = win)

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