Wowtal sounds like chinese food.

by on Jun.09, 2010, under General

I guess we’re all watching mmo-champion at some point in our day. I signed on tonight and saw that new talent calculator website. I’m thinking most of you have, but here’s the link ( if you’ve been kept out of the loop because of forest fires or tsunamis.
Going through the still very beta-feeling talent calc, I’ve noticed a few things : We have way too many talents. I still have like about 10 talents I have no clue where to put. I’m getting Genesis and Brambles as fillers, cause I can’t figure out where else they would be worth. Second, I notice they have a note saying Balance tree is about 95% complete. Which means, they still have a few things to work on (cough nature’s grace?)
Anything else you guys wanna discuss, have noticed?

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  • Lereth

    Our armor contribution in moonkin form went down to 120 percent. Am I reading that right?

  • Nhfalios

    yes from all the other uff thats what attracted my attention too. if thats correct, it means we will be taking about triple dmg from melees right? i dont think barkskin is gonna save us from bladestorm anymore :/

  • Lihai

    Solar Beam appears to have lost its on-hit incapacitate. Which is unfortunate, it’ll be interesting to see how we’ll actually be able to lock people under it. Also lost the latent that increased its radius. Not sure if its not rolled into the base Solar Beam talent though. Admittedly, the mere presence of such a powerful talent that low in the tree scares the hell outta me ’cause I know resto is going to have it.

  • John Eilthis

    The one thing I found to be pretty interesting is how they changed spirit. In Balance of Power, the use of making it equal hit is, to me, amazing, If even a littl spirit makes it onto gear, and I’m quite sure it will, then the benefit of not having to worry about hit at higher gear levels, which I’ve been noticing more, could be a good Dps boost. I prefer its new form to the older spell miss effect.

  • Boubouille

    You’re the chinese food! :(

  • Sunfyre

    Boubouille posting? MUST be spam! =p

  • Orrak

    I was really excited when my browser showed that the nest was updated! The solarbeam fungal growth synergy seems pretty intense and will porbably be nerves somehow, I was hoping that the tree would shed a bit more light on how exactly ecllipse will function, not to mention natures grace…. I still have many questions

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