Breaking: Cataclysm Alpha Talent Trees Released

by on May.06, 2010, under Cataclysm

MMO-Champion has just leaked the Cataclysm Alpha Talent Trees.  There’s quite a few changes so far for Balance:

Solar Beam (30 yd range, 1 minute cooldown, 11 pt talent): You summon a beam of solar light over the enemy target’s location, Disorienting all enemy targets under the beam for 3 sec. and silencing all enemy targets under the beam while it is active.  Solar Beam lasts for 10 sec.

Lunar Justice (16 pt talent): When you kill a target that yields experience or honor, a ray of moonlight will shine underneath the fallen enemy  instantly restoring 2% of your base mana to you or the first ally who stands underneath it.  Lunar Justice lasts for 15 sec.

Starsurge (30 yard range, 15 second cooldown, 21 pt talent, requires Solar Beam): You fuse the power of the moon and sun, launching a devastating blast of energy at the target.  Causes 1025 to 1027 Spellstorm damage to the target and knocking them down.

Lunar Guidance (3 ranks, 26 point talent, requires Starsurge): Increases the radius of your Solar Beam by 2 yards, and your Starsurge also instantly generates 5 Lunar or Solar energy, depending on which is greater.

Improved Moonkin Form (3 ranks, 31 pt talent):  You also grant 2% spell critical chance to all nearby friendly party and raid targets within 100 yards while in Moonkni Form.  Read:  Looks like Moonkin Form will not give raid buffs and will only give armor, but improved Moonkin Form will give 6% spell crit.  No mention of mana return either.

Wrath of Cenarius (36 pt talent, 3 ranks):  While moving, the direct damage of your Moonfire spell is increased by 5% and it’s mana cost is reduced by 10% for 3 sec.  This effect can stack up to 3 times and lasts 3 sec., but is refreshed as long as you are in movement.  Note:  Wrath of Cenarius used to give us 20% boost to Starfire spell power and 10% boost to Wrath.  It looks like was not moved to any other talent and was lost.

Eclipse (41 pt talent, 3 ranks):  Increases the amount of Lunar or Solar energy generated from your Starfire and Wrath by 12%, and when critically hit by a melee or ranged attack, you will instantly generate Lunar or Solar Energy.

Fungal Growth (46 pt talent, requires Force of Nature, 2 ranks):  When your Treants die or your Wild Mushrooms are triggered, you spawn a Fungal Growth at its wake covering the area within 8 yards, slowing all enemy targets by 35%.  Lasts 10 sec.

Blessing of the Grove (RESTO Tier 1, 2 ranks):  Increases the healing done by your Rejuvenation by 2%, the direct damage of your Moonfire by 3% and the damage done by your Claw and Mangle by 2%.

Fury of the Stormrage (26 pt RESTO talent, 3 ranks): You have a 2% chance when you cast Nourish to cause your next Wrath spell to be instant cast and cost no mana, and when you Moonfire a target t that is at or under 25% health you have a 0% chance to cause your next Starfire to be instant cast.  Fury of the Stormrage lasts for 8 sec.

I’m running late for work so I can’t give a full synopsis until later tonight, but it looks like so far they’ve focused on PVP viability for both Restoration and Balance, but the PvE abilities look a bit weak (especially considering the loss of Wrath of Cenarius).  I’ll post a more detailed analysis later.


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  • Lgueller

    Keep in mind that removing talents like Wrath of Cenarius has been Blizzard’s entire design goal for Cata. Presumably they’re gonna add the dps back in to the mastery or directly into the spells.

  • Fearon


    Solar Beam (30 yd range, 1 minute cooldown, 11 pt talent):
    They forgot to mention something vital. How big is the area of effect? They added something really good to this talent: disorienting. This ability will give us a breather to do a starfire or heal. I like it.

    Lunar Justice (16 pt talent):
    Only usefull for leveling. The 2% ain’t even worth it for BG’s.

    Starsurge (30 yard range, 15 second cooldown, 21 pt talent, requires Solar Beam):
    Did we just get … a 15 second interrupt? Awsome! /drool

    Lunar Guidance (3 ranks, 26 point talent, requires Starsurge):
    This could be good depending on what they actually mean. If it’s just the diameter it’s not such an exiting talent. It’s either (rank 3) 6 or 2×6=12 yards.

    Improved Moonkin Form (3 ranks, 31 pt talent):
    I can’t imagine there ain’t more important talents then this. Seems to be a PvE talent.

    Wrath of Cenarius (36 pt talent, 3 ranks):
    Rank 3 gives 15% dmg and 30% mana cost reduction. So thats a total of 45% dmg increase and 90% mana cost reduction after 6 seconds of moving. So whats the idea behind this? To keep running hotting and spamming moonfire? I don’t like this talent as it’s a real no-brainer.

    Eclipse (41 pt talent, 3 ranks):
    If you play good you won’t get hit a lot. If a Moonkin gets hit a lot he will die fast so this seems useless for PvP.

    Fungal Growth (46 pt talent, requires Force of Nature, 2 ranks): Not this has 2 ranks meaning the slow is 70% with a 16 yard splash! If Wild Mushroom can be spawned and detonated at the same time this will be an awsome ability. Even if it can’t I think this will be great. I hope this combo is possible: Solar Beam + Wild Mushroom + Starfire. When the Starfire ends the targets will be silenced after that they get dmg and a slow from the wild mushroom.

    Blessing of the Grove (RESTO Tier 1, 2 ranks):

    Fury of the Stormrage (26 pt RESTO talent, 3 ranks):
    If you get this you won’t be able to get Starfall. In BG’s you’ll want starfall. In arena you might want this talent instead because starfall is a annoying CC breaker.

    The good:
    – Way better CC
    – An interrupt <3 <3 <3 <3
    – A silence

    The bad:
    – No talent to heal better
    – No extra protection in caster/travel form
    – No better mana talents

    Please release Cataclysm today.

  • Balourd

    Awesome preview. My first impressions are :
    There are way too many talent points to spend ! I’m at 12 points left to spend anywhere. If I give them away, here’s the PvE spec I would choose :,,11927
    As you said, Sunfyre, those changes are very PVP and movement oriented, especially Moonfire which has become an instant nuke more than a dot (Improved Moonfire now only has direct damage modifiers + blessing of the grove + 45% from Wrath of cenarius ??!)
    I can imagine Lunar Justice being realy nice for battlegrounds (6% mana with 3 ranks btw, Fearon) and for trash mobs, but I can already see people fighting over who gets the charge.

  • Fearon

    I gues it works like all those talants, procs when you give the killing blow. How many killing blows do you have in 1 game :>? Will that 6% mana be more important then another ability?

  • Lihai

    Personally I’m more interested in mechanic changes like attaching a snare to the Wild Mushrooms and Treants or the ray of moonlight regenerating mana than I am the particular static numbers like haste, crit or spell-power. Those are significantly more tweakable and will change a great deal.

    Though for example Moonkin Form being 1pt for the armor seems odd, my personal guess is that’s probably a result of the alpha state.

    Solar beam seems kinda low in the tree. Last thing we need is more we’d-like-to-fix-balance-but-that’d-make-rest-overpowered issues again. Lets hope they are keeping a better eye on that from here on out.

    I have to admit I laughed aloud when I saw the Moonfire Spam talent (aka Wrath of Cenarius).

    The mechanic changes are where its gonna be.

  • Matriarch

    As a PVP (Mostly Arena) Moonkin I really like these changes.. really seems some of the lack of stuns/silence and slow (CC) will be commin the moonkins way. really.. FINALLY! yay. I’m happy so far :-)

  • Orrak

    Talent tree changes further support my theory of moonkin becoming the Hunter-like caster. Which i’m totally fine with
    Good: between the new eclipse and the new apparent direction for moonfire they really seem to be attempting to address our sever movement issues, much needed raid utility in the form of a silence/interrupt, and slow effect for gluth-like kiting.
    Bad: their no longer seems to be any talent support for insect swarm, but it is referenced in a resto talent… if it hasn’t been removed i question how it is going to keep up without any talent synergy, brambles is still a silly talent
    Ugly: Nature’s Grace. Unchanged. Nuff’ said.

  • Fearon

    I am still concerned about mana regeneration. They removed all usefull talents for that. However the current solution for mana regeneration is just awfull so I hope they make up something good for Cataclysm.

    I’m also concerned about stealth classes. We still got nothing to counter that stun+nuke.

    @t Orrak: Brambles is a good PvP talent.

  • Sagan

    I think ill play restokin at Cataclysm :) Fury of Stormrage is far too OP i wonder if they will change it… 60% chance on moonfire to proc instant starfire? so thats like spamming moonfire/starfire while walking

  • Balourd

    Nature’s Splendor : when you cast MF, IS, or HoTs, you have a 33%/66%/100% chance to increase its duration by 3 sec. <==== Now that is a change we missed out, note how dot-clipping is penalized. You pay the full price for a 3 sec dot.

  • Balourd

    That,,11927 would probably be the PVP spec I’d use if Cataclysm was to release tomorrow

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