Gripe of the Week: The Warcraft Drug

by on May.01, 2010, under Gripe of the Week

 So apparently I can’t go cold turkey from the Warcraft Drug.  I managed to get talked back into raiding again since it’s only 2-3 times a week, and while I often will be out of town and unable to raid, the times I’m not I’ll be working from home and able to do my errands/etc during the day and not consume my whole day with work + raiding. 

Have any of you ever had this problem where you just can’t walk away?

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  • Balourd

    Oh hell yeah. Back in BC this was pretty terrible. I was raiding with a late night guild from Pacific time (and I’m form Montreal) So they were always playing till like 2 am THEIR time, I was up with them till then. So I wasn’t asleep till 6 AM and started skipping class to sleep. Dark days indeed!

  • Fearon

    Not really as WoW always comes last in my priority list.

    However …

    I do like to play it because of the online ‘friends’ I have made. Quitting WoW means quitting to play with them which kinda sucks.

  • Sunstorm

    Yeah, I do have the same problem as you, but I think im starting to being able to manage my time now, before it was even worse when i didnt finish off important stuff because of raiding.

  • Matriarch

    I started playing since Beta in europe. And seriously I didnt manage the time I spent on wow till about 3 months ago.. so lots of years wasted on my behalf :(
    but hey.. It’s a great game. ;-) Looking forward to SC2 though.. kinda miss a good RTS game.

  • Wolvun

    Hah, I knew you couldn’t quit. You need to give me the bear card from J.Z. Good luck with your upcoming changes.

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