Raid Leaders and Owlkins

by on Apr.30, 2010, under General

I have been raiding moonkin since TBC, and luckily I had a raid leader friend. He was understanding of moonkins and the poor itemization we suffer from (especially in TBC, remember?), so I never had to struggle with Cloth being locked out from my gear choices.
Since WOTLK though, I have hopped around from guild to guild and pugged more and more. I find some leaders very allergic to Moonkins rolling on cloth loot. I find this issue annoying, as some of our BiS are cloth and most of the ICC leather is Resto itemized.
How do you guys feel about cloth ? Does your raid leader let you roll on-par with other casters ?

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  • Pahimar

    Currently cloth gear is more heavily favoured for our cloth wearing classes, but our GM/RL is also very attentive to when someone mentions that an item is BiS (regardless of armor class). He trusts us to have done our homework to determine our BiS sets, and when a BiS situation comes up the loot council makes their decision less on armor class and more on the raid’s need (more healing, more dps, etc). There is little drama that comes from this approach; everyone knows that it an item isn’t a cloth BiS but rather a caster BiS.

  • Subintro

    I have cloth bracers, thats all. I only got it because a healer rolled (Had hit rating)

  • kindercan

    i have the cloth items I want, my GM knows that I know more about my class than most of the other people we raid with. Any problems that arises from our Pug 25 mans are cleared up by straight rolls on main spec. I have had issues in Pugs with Cloth drops, but my guild has no loot issues. we’re fairly adult about loot drops.

  • Lereth

    We use dkp in our guild. I can use dkp for cloth items as offspec. That makes it difficult to get cloth as their are many clothies in our guild. I do think it is fair though, and I’ll eventually get something once all the clothies have upgraded.

  • Moonqlow

    Been playing in the same guild since TBC and never had any problem gettin cloth gear. We went from all kind of different dkp systems aswell from just pure dkp to loot council to epgp. Never had any problem gettin the gear i wanted :)

  • Lihai

    Elem shamans and Moonkins share this problem, and they are permitted to roll on cloth where they don’t have their standard mail/leather choices. The shared itemization without the backing of the spec really is frustrating. I’m glad to see its being properly addressed in Cataclysm.

  • Akutsito

    Personally ive never had any problem with rolling cloth items while being a Raid Memeber, as a Raid Leader/Guild Master it gets only harder, after discussing it for 2-3 hours with my Officers (which, 4 of them are Clothies), i had to stop Moonkins from Rolling Cloth (and Shamans, and Warriors from Leather, etc). It was a really frustrating discussion to be honest, and it breaks my Moonkin heart having to ignore them ;((.

  • Seca

    Same as Lereth. So I have equal priority to it as an off-spec healer.

    It’s a bigger issue for me picking up leather pieces for my healing set, as the difference between resto and balance gear is more subtle then for other classes. It’s not uncommon for me to spend more points on my off-spec then my main spec.

    It sounds like this won’t be an issue in Cata, which would be a relief. I came close to switching from LW to tailoring a couple of times in WotLK. Quite glad I didn’t.

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