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by on Apr.30, 2010, under General

Please welcome Balourd as an author to the Nest.  He’s volunteered to fill in and help post as my new job is going to take me away quite a bit on business trips.

I’m also looking for a few more posters if anyone is interested to bring other points of view to the table, I’m especially looking for a PVP poster if anyone has a lot of Balance PVP experience.  Please contact me at

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  • lissanna

    Welcome to Sunfyre’s Nest, little hatchling!

  • Orrak

    Balance PvP? HaH! /kneeslap

  • Balourd

    /wave !
    I do enjoy PVP though, I was supposed to get serious into 2v2s with a Frost Mage, he cancelled his subscription though.
    I realized how potent Moonkins are in PVP if left alone to do their job. As soon as you get focused, your chances of winning are terrible. The strategy I found to kind of counter this is to wait before popping out of stealth so ennemies focus other people before me.
    It does look good for Rated BGs though, as you’ll just have to stand behind the melee lines and start nuking.

  • Sunfyre

    Rated battlegrounds are one of the few things im looking forward to in cataclysm.

  • Fearon

    I wrote a long Moonkin PvP guide … interface, hetkeys, strategies etc. because I was asked a lot of times by fellow moonkins on my realm.
    When I saw the catalysm changes i stopped playing my Moonkin (and went back on my mage) so I never posted it on the internet.

  • Fearon

    I wrote a long balance PvP guide after being asked to do so several times by my fellow moonkins on my realm. The guide includes hotkeys, addons, duel tactics, arena setups etc. I never posted it on the internet because when i saw the Cataclysm changes (magic mushroom anyone?) my disappointment made me go back to playing my alt, my lv80 mage.

    However I still liked playing my Moonkin more. When you’re a mage the game gets 3 times as easy to play. As a mage you play the game on ‘normal’ difficulty. As a moonkin you play the game on ‘brutal’ difficulty. Playing on normal might be fun for a little while but if you’re used to brutal it gets boring. I’m also a huge fan of world pvp. World pvp is awsome as a Moonkin (I like to attack cities alone).

    Bottom line is … I might go back to playing my Moonkin again and if I do so I can help you out with the PvP section. Making instruction movies how to beat opponents and how to do cool tricks etc. sounds like fun.

    PvP experience:
    – From the start of WoW I did only PvP
    – 2K+ rated hunter
    – 2K+ rated mage
    – 2K+ rated druid, got it in all specs

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