Question of the Week: Druid Preview

by on Apr.14, 2010, under General

 Did the Cataclysm Druid preview give you hope, or more cause for concern? 

The blog has been a bit slow, not a whole lot to report.  I expect that’ll ramp up in the next few weeks.  The calm before the cataclysm.

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  • Orrak

    i have mixed feelings about it, my verdict really hinges on exactly what the eclipse bonus ends up being and how much the new spell will move it… were still basically gonna be spamming 2 spells, the mushroom spell is stupid and i don’t understand its purpose, with the changes to starfall we’re pretty much absurdly OP at AoE dps and i can garuntee you that its gonna feel real clunky to use… the lack of natures grace info is disconcerting as well

  • Sylthren

    I’m waiting to see as well. If the eclipse mechanic allows us to use our spells more effectively, saving a starfire for when it won’t be interrupted for example, I’ll be pleased. The mushroom is a ? too. Is it placed using a reticule like treants? Is it active immediately or only after it disappears? If aiming is not required and it is immediately active, I could see it being useful in pvp both defensively and offensively. Otherwise, not so much…

  • Qieth

    You know how I feel about them ;) It still depends on the numbers, naturally.

    I like the idea of Wild Mushroom. What I don’t like, however, is that it has to be targeted on the ground, and this is something that annoys me with treants as it is. It makes sense that mushroom can be targeted – after all, it would be useless if it just placed around yourself, but maybe it should be fixed so abilities like this simply “Spawn a wild mushroom near your target” – but then you couldn’t place it as a trap.

  • Fearon

    I’m extremely disappointed from a PvP point of view. Next expansion we will grow mushrooms. The expansion after that we can permanently turn ourselves into a mushroom.

  • Duskstorm

    @Qieth – blizzard really needs to expose the ability to cast something like treants or hurricane at the current mouse position.

    Basically, you’d cut down a click by moving your mouse, then invoking the action, rather than starting to move the mouse, invoking the action, finish moving the mouse, and then left click to start the spell.

    Not only do I hate losing time to casting treants, but there are times when for whatever reason in a busy combat situation my treants don’t ever actually place and I’m left having wasted 2 GCDs figuring out what’s going on. Of course, since I waited for heroism, now heroism has blown so I also miss out on hasted trees :(

    There should be something like this:

    /cast [position=mouseover] Wild Mushroom

    Or oven this:

    /cast [position=self] Wild Mushroom
    /cast [position=target] Wild Mushroom


  • Balourd

    I like the mushroom idea as well, I can see some occasional life-saver uses in PVP or some extra dps when moving in PVE. I can see why people might dislike it though, cause it’s not a direct cast-damage spell. But then we dont want to be spamming 1 shit over and over again do we? I like the diversity it brings. DoTs not affected by haste or crit and nature’s grace’s lack of information is indeed intriguing.

  • Fearon

    The magic mushroom in PvP (and I’m talking decent PvP here):
    – After you click the hotkey you still have to place it with your mouse. This makes it slow.
    – After it is placed the enemy can simply step aside without being harmed because it activates after 4 seconds.
    – It is visible for 4 seconds making sure even blind people can see it.
    – If you want to make it detonate prematurely you’d first have to wait for the GCD to finish. Then you’d have to hope denoting doesn’t trigger GCD again. Any smart enemy will have taken a step aside befor you trigger it anyway.

    With this slow reaction time spell it cannot be a serious PvP ability.

  • Seca

    I don’t think the mushroom was intended to be a game-changer in PvP (or PvE for that matter). Bit of a novelty, situational uses. I enjoy ambushing hordies using SM in BGs, and this will add nicely to that. I also see some fun synegy between the mushroom and typhoon.

    Hard to say for sure, but eclipse sounds like it will be more viable in PvP. I’m optimistic moonkin PvP will improve.

    Seems many are expecting a druid population explosion in 4.0, given the hybridness + new toys + worgen factor. Will be interesting to see if we close the gap on paladins.

  • Orrak

    Sooo the twitter chat. Solar Beam…. my first two thoughts:

    boomkins are now bulbasaur (mushroom growing spores, shooting green seeds, solarbeam etc.)

    blizz is trying to make a caster with hunter flavor ie. traps

    o and my third thought… EPIC

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