Stealth Nerf: Owlkin Frenzy & Lana’thel

by on Apr.02, 2010, under General

If you’ve ran Icecrown Citadel this week you may notice that your DPS has dropped considerably on Blood Queen Lana’thel.  It appears her [spell]70986[/spell] no longer causes [spell]Owlkin Frenzy[/spell] to proc.

I think I’m going to move my one point from Owlkin Frenzy to Gale Winds, as I’ve begun to use Typhoon more and more in Icecrown.

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  • Cyrvul

    Man put ur free poin in Genesis(u have an additional dot ) i dont think u have mana problems and better leave 1 point in Owlkin Frenzy.

    • Sunfyre

      Except OKF is pretty worthless in ICC now, and Typhoon is used for many fights. On top of that, 1 point of Genesis is a 0.2% DPS increase. Probably less now. I’d rather have the mana reduction in case I need to be battle rez’d.

  • Pahimar

    What about placing the one point in Brambles? Would that not be a better DPS choice than Gale Winds for single target DPS?

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