Gripe of the Week: Nibelung

by on Mar.30, 2010, under Gripe of the Week

It appears that conjured pets do not receive the ICC raid buff.  This means that I’m sure shortly gear with the 30% raid buff will surpass the damage of the Val’kyr.

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  • Orrak

    but will it surpass the awesome? i think not
    I am deeply deeply in love with this proc effect and will have a very hard time convincing myself to drop it :(

  • Aeiedil

    In the long run I’d like a LK 25m HC staff. In general though as with Orrak, I love the proc of Nibelung far more than any DPS discrepency. I will have Nibelung HC until Cataclysm I expect as the chances of me getting a LK 25m HC staff are negligable I expect!

  • maha

    i have hm nibelung for 4th week and its not bad but there are some fights where is the boss aura dmg really hight and the valkyrs die. so i will replace hm nibelung with 277 wrathfull dager with haste & 277 off hand from council

  • Kila

    Anyone found any of the math guru’s posts yet that sort out at what buff point the staff declines enough in value to use other weapon combinations?

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