Gripe of the Week: Nibelung

by on Mar.30, 2010, under Gripe of the Week

It appears that conjured pets do not receive the ICC raid buff. ┬áThis means that I’m sure shortly gear with the 30% raid buff will surpass the damage of the Val’kyr.

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  • Orrak

    but will it surpass the awesome? i think not
    I am deeply deeply in love with this proc effect and will have a very hard time convincing myself to drop it :(

  • Aeiedil

    In the long run I’d like a LK 25m HC staff. In general though as with Orrak, I love the proc of Nibelung far more than any DPS discrepency. I will have Nibelung HC until Cataclysm I expect as the chances of me getting a LK 25m HC staff are negligable I expect!

  • maha

    i have hm nibelung for 4th week and its not bad but there are some fights where is the boss aura dmg really hight and the valkyrs die. so i will replace hm nibelung with 277 wrathfull dager with haste & 277 off hand from council

  • Kila

    Anyone found any of the math guru’s posts yet that sort out at what buff point the staff declines enough in value to use other weapon combinations?

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