Ghostcrawler attempts to explain away Eclipse

by on Mar.28, 2010, under General

Ghostcrawler has again attempted to explain away Eclipse, but basically admits that it’s implementation failed.  What I find funny is that he admits it’s become “too powerful”, yet they buffed the spell repeatedly in WotLK instead of buffing us in other areas.

The purpose behind Eclipse was to encourage Balance druids to cast something besides their hardest hitting spell over and over again. From this thread it appears at least some of you were content with a “rotation” like that, but you’ll have to believe me that it was a very common complaint we heard from druids as to what they disliked or why they didn’t play Balance.

Now it’s possible to base a rotation around a single spells. Mages are designed to do just that. However, they also have a lot of procs, cooldowns, secondary effects and other situational events that mean that even though you’re getting most of your damage from one button, you’re managing a lot.

We could have gone that way with Balance druids. We didn’t largely because part of the kit of Balance is balance, and we thought that manifested itself nicely in switching between Arcane and Nature spells, or Starfire and Wrath, or Lunar and Solar.

The problem with Eclipse (as I’ve stated many times, so I find the comments that we won’t address the issue to be a trifle unfair) is that it now accounts for so much of Balance’s damage that the random element can be punishing. Having to shift positions right when you get a proc should be a little bit of a bummer on the level of missing a few crits in a row, and not a devastating blow to your dps.

We’re keeping Eclipse, but the Cataclysm version is a pretty radical overhaul that we hope to be able to reveal soon. It removes a lot of the random element. :)

I’m expecting them to turn Eclipse into charges, although I’m not sure why they can’t do that now, but instead forcing us to wait until Cataclysm.

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  • laphej

    its bullshyd…there are other three specs/classes who are hitting just 2 buttons……rogue…facepalm

    what the hell is his prob with balance druid who use 6spells and they have NO CHANCE to be on the top of dps meters…

  • Roukie

    When you think about it, Balance isnt that complex to play, in comparison to say, a UH DK, with one eye on RP and another on Rune Cd’s. their still watching for shit.

    The problem is with us is, Eclipse suffers so much from having to move. If a arcane mage has to move, they might loose their stack of arcane buff thing, but they can make the best of it by hitting a Arcane Barrage, so they dont loose out. Finish their movement, and begin again.

    Now, with us, if we can stand and nuke, its good times, but we seem to loose so much from lost time on eclipse. t8 4set helped a little with this, since we could get off instant casts now and then.

    Their fix could be as simple as charges of eclipse + an extended duration. This would compensate for having movement time, meaning we wont loose out on eclipse time, but we carnt over use a single eclipse because of the charges.

    To speculate with todays numbers, lets say, Solar eclipse could give you 40% increased damage on your next 15 wraths. (lets gestimate a 75% uptime on NG) but the duration of Solar eclipse could be 20seconds. Giving you more than enough time to either, cast off 15 wraths. OR, 15 wraths + 10 seconds of movement time, if you needed it. The same would apply to Starfire + Lunar Eclipse. but the curation and charges could be tweaked accordingly.

    All speculation, dont qoute me on my numbers, saying imblanace blah blah. its just an idea but i think alot of people wouldnt have too much problem with a change like that.

  • maha

    noukie guy where have u gone from destromath

  • Balourd

    Dont start hating moonkin rotation, its pretty easy compared to other classes like shadowpriests or enhancement shamans, and they dont have much more chances than us to top meters.
    I think its obvious they had to buff eclipse at first, cause people would have started skipping it if they had buffed other areas of our talent tree. Buffing eclipse first and then trying to fix us by other means was the logical way of doing things i guess. Maybe the way they changed eclipse at first wasnt the right way to do it, and maybe the charge fix should have come earlier…
    What bothers me is the “removes alot of the random element”. I have the feeling it might just be a stacking buff rather than a charge mechanic. Because a charge mechanic doesnt take away the random component, it just takes away the “stand in fire not to lose eclipse” element. :)

    • Sunfyre

      The problem with buffing Eclipse even further was that they put all of our proverbial eggs in one basket, no pun intended. It’s also the cause of our insanely low crit cap.

  • Balourd

    I agree they overdid it by buffing-and rebuffing-and rebuffing eclipse. Some other talents in our tree and possibly in other trees (master shapeshifter might have been a nice talent to change up) could have been buffed to reduce the haste and crit caps we currently struggle with.
    I think it’s too late for eclipse now, though, as if they nerf it people will cry their lives out for no reason.

    • Sunfyre

      What are you trying to show here besides the fact that the rest of your DPS is garbage?

      I guess that sounds harsh, but I’m not sure your point in linking the parse. Your DPS is great, but even with those numbers you should not be #1 like you are. Your other DPS really needs to step it up.

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