3.3.3 : A PvP Perspective

by on Mar.25, 2010, under PVP Discussion

I know there’s a few of you that enjoy Moonkin PvP.  I’ve recently been scrambling to put a set together (finally above 800 resilience!) and have been dabbling in 2s and battlegrounds a bit, but probably won’t be in 3s or 5s for another week or two.

We’ve done a lot of hashing of the numbers for Starfall on the PvE side.  What do you think about the PvP side?  I think it’s a welcome change, and I know it melts faces in battlegrounds and 1v1 duels, but I’ve yet to experience it in 3s or 5s.  Is our survivability decent enough that we can really dish out the damage?  I struggle in 2s against certain combinations just because I can’t always do enough burst damage to break down a healer with 1.2k+ resilience.  I’m not too worried about that because Blizzard specifically does not balance arenas around 2v2s.

How about Nature’s Grasp?  I did do some testing last night and did find that it does have diminishing returns on the charges, and that it’s shared with the actual entangling roots spell.  I think the best application of this would be when you have multiple melee attacking you, as all three should take a full duration roots.

Sound off with your thoughts!

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  • Balourd

    I’ll be using Nature’s Grasp the same way i used it before patch. Ill be much more careful about Starfall though, not wanting to waste that cooldown by getting stupidly stunned for 5 seconds, wasting half of it.
    3 charges will make it much more useful too when running away from classes with alot of movement impairing removal tools. Wont have to stop and cast multiple times, you can just keep running till your DR is down then cyclone or typhoon.

  • Renxo

    Other then nature’s grasp now having charges our survivability has not changed. I see some issues with your pvp spec however. If you are running 2v2 moonkin with a healer you need to pick up mana regen talents. Celestial focus is pretty much useless as you won’t really be able to starfire while you are getting trained. You should drop furor and go further down into the resto build with more points in subtlety and for omen of clarity and natural/master shapeshifter. Natural shapeshifter is very important as pvp druids use shifting to get out of a lot of CC and snares, and just to simply get away. You will need to innervate your healer irregardless, as they will probably be having to spam heals on you to keep you up. Therefore, glyphs of innervate, barkskin, and starfall are the best here. If you do not run with a healer however, don’t worry about the innervate glyph. This is my spec of choice for moonkin pvp:

    • Matriarch

      About your spec.. I almost have the same as you do, however I do recommend you remove the 3 points in celestial focus and put them in brambles. you dont really need the celestial focus, and brambles is just awesome imo, gives a nice boost to thorns, and gives your treants a chance to daze the target they are attacking (healer) while barkskin is active.. just awesome. :)

  • Matriarch

    I also pvp somewhat.. And finally above 1k res.. only doing bgs and 2s.. and idd the starfall is amazing.. and I do use Glyph of focus, since it sstill has a nice radius in arenas. Well because of that I do believe moonkins has gotten some more dps which can do some nice burst to finnish off some classes before they go pillar fight.. grrrr… And natures grasp. What you wrote :)

  • Renxo

    oops, i accidentally clicked 3 points into CF cause I was thinking about it, I meant to put the 3 points from CF into brambles :) as matriarch just said

  • Danny

    My 5s team generally plays on Saturdays. I don’t have the patience to play other brackets. So it’ll be interesting to see how the new changes play out. I’m hoping for the best.

    In terms of NGrasp however, I haven’t noticed too much of an improvement. The classes that could lock-down and kill in a couple gcds flat all have immunities or strong disables to the effect. Read: dk/retadin/warrior/rogue and then the ranged pure classes to whom the effect is obviously irrelevant.
    Hrm, that is pretty much everyone in the game… funny that.

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