3.3.3 is Live Today!

by on Mar.23, 2010, under General

3.3.3 is live today.  Visit the 3.3.3 recap for a detailed break down of the balance druid changes.

I’ve been asked a few times what glyph and talent changes should occur in 3.3.3.  I personally do not see any talent changes specifically because of the patch.  As for glyphs, you should now be replacing [item]Glyph of Insect Swarm[/item] with [item]Glyph of Starfall[/item].  I am not bothering with [item]Glyph of Focus[/item] because it’s been nerfed.

This should have you using:

[item]Glyph of Moonfire[/item]

[item]Glyph of Starfire[/item]

[item]Glyph of Starfall[/item]

How will this affect your rotation?  If you were keeping insect swarm up for DPS, you no longer need to.  You may wish to keep it up on certain fights if your tank is getting rocked as you now have the boss hit debuff component back.  Personally I really only use it for a few heroic hardmodes and during movement.  I also do not concern myself with 100% Moonfire uptime, I just aim to keep the idol fully developed at all times.  If you need to refresh it during a solar eclipse, do it in the tail end so you can hopefully let the moonfire carry over into lunar eclipse (where it’ll extend).

Starfall does it’s most potent damage between two or more targets.  While you should be using Starfall on every cooldown, if you’re in a fight where there are adds and you’re only a few seconds away from encountering them, you will see the most damage output by waiting.

If you have any more questions about 3.3.3, feel free to leave a comment ask via Twitter @SunfyresNest, or shoot me an email at sunfyre@owlkin.org.

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  • Roukie

    Im stuck between the what seems to be the 2 trains of thought in terms of Rotation…

    On one hand we have what you have suggested Sun, refreshing MF towards the tail end of Solar Eclipse, then letting it fall off for a few seconds (which should be during the start of the following solar eclipse). Using IS as a button to press during movement.

    And then the on the other hand the playstyle is Hitting MF before Lunar Eclipse, and then running IS during solar.
    Aka what Quieth has posted previously.
    The point here being you have that extra GCD to check if your next eclipse is proc’ing or not. since u can que the IS/MF after a wrath/starfire. blahblah

    As i say, im stuck between the choice, im not gonna get hung up on split hairs over whose rotation does 0.001dps more. I can see theirs benefits and disadvantages to both styles.

    • Sunfyre

      Murmurs at Wow.com has math showing that putting up IS during Solar Eclipse is not worth it. And that’s the glyphed one, so the non-glyphed one definitely isn’t worth it. Check it out here.

  • kindercan

    i’m gonna have to be very careful, as the current shankmaster on 10 mans, any more DPS on adds could prove fatal. What we need is threat reduction. Where oh where is our threat reduction??? I almost have to stop DPSing during LFGs these days, few tanks can keep up. well, few LFG tanks.

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