3.3.3: First Impressions?

by on Mar.23, 2010, under General

What are your first impressions of 3.3.3? I’m VERY happy with the change to Starfall, in both PvP and PvE.

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  • Fearon

    From a PvP perspective the changes are nice. However it’s still not nearly enough. I’m afraid this will be all we get for a long time though.

  • Aeiedil

    The thing is that they can’t seem to do much to help PvP that doesn’t impact PvE. I don’t think damage output will be our problem any more at least though.

    I’m still working on leveling my PvP alt, Aeiedíl :) Until he’s 80 I won’t really be in a position to see

  • Fearon

    But it’s really easy. Made up in 1 min.:
    — Moonkins only
    Give extra armor in normal form.
    Make root instant.
    Give barkskin a boost.
    Increase mana gain on crit.
    Make Typhoon instant.
    Give Typhoon a long daze or knockback.
    PvP Glyphs.

    Ok the minute is over.

  • vromeov

    Love the change to starfall.

  • Sunstorm

    I noticed the buff today, by a lot. Before- i was at average on a 5.5-6k dps nuke on the heroic dummy, then using starfall at every second, insect swarm etc.. Now, i don’t even use insect swarm, and starfall itself buffed my dps till 7.5k, unbelievable, 2k dps increase- can’t wait to test this in the raid tonight, they will get shocked :)

  • nomilk

    tested starfall on dummy today and the dps from starfall alone (hitting 3 dummies) was 7.5k. its a really nice buff but i get the feeling i wont be able to use it in certain fights for fear of aggro such as rotface :/

  • Glacey

    Wow, I melted the world.

    My random last night was HoL. That poor, poor tank – if I cast Starfall he couldnt keep a thing off me, trash or bosses. The second boss… 11k dps, Starfall was 47% of my damage. There were no adds and I only cast it once.

    I had to not cast Starfall on the rest of the bosses, because he just couldnt keep up. Didn’t have time to run more, but I can’t wait till tonight!

  • Aeiedil

    1 : Extra armor wouldn’t help against casters and stunlocks
    2 : Natures Grace gives good reactive roots, instant entangling roots would pave the way for instant Polymorph, Cyclone etc as standard, a slippery slope. Also any change of that nature would impact other specs unless deep in the balance tree.
    3 : A boost to barkskin might be nice seeing as it’s on CD, but that would impact on all specs potentially unless it was deep in the balance tree. I think people would QQ if you made trees tougher.
    But it’s really easy. Made up in 1 min.:

    A small point, #2 and #3 you *could* make applicable to Moonkin Form only I guess

    4 : Increased mana gain on crit would result in PvE moonkin having even less mana concerns than now. As it is in some fights I can run low in PvE, an increase to the mana gained from crits would remove that worry. Increasing mana gained from Owlkin Frenzy may be more relevant as outside of Blood Queen it doesn’t proc that much in PvE.

    5 : Typhoon is instant
    6 : Typhoon has a knockback and a daze (albeit a 6 second daze)
    7 : Not very specific there, easy to say “PvP Glyphs” without suggestions. Plus would also open the door to all specs and classes asking for pvp-targetted glyphs. And would really need those glyphs to not hit on PvE so much.

  • Renxo

    I am sooo happy with it, I got a top 17 wol dps for moonkins on heroic marrowgar! well its probably dropped since I last checked. I was still excited!

  • Balourd

    10k DPS on Toravon the ice wtcher, way ahead of every other dps in the group. i was standing around 8k dps before, 15% damage done by starfall. its magical

  • nomilk

    was on 15k on blood princes till i had to switch to kinetic bombs:( but ended up on 11.2kdps on fester even after being hit by vile gas on numerous occassions. i fear a nerf inc.

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