Gripe of the Week: Spirit

by on Mar.17, 2010, under Gripe of the Week

I hate how it seems all the caster drops we’ve had for us lately in hardmode ICC are crit/spirit, and that no one else wants them.  Since they’re 277 they’re generally more DPS for me when you look at the spirit -> spellpower conversion, given Kings/Imp GotW, but I really hate seeing my spirit push 700 raidbuffed.

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  • Duskstorm

    This could be a great thing when they convert our gear to the new Cataclysm system (assuming they do it before they release Cataclysm).

    I tend to take spirit over haste at the moment. In my 10 man group we run with 2 healers, and I always need to cut over to off healing at a moments’ notice. Spirit+dreamstate becomes really important for my mana longevity.

    I don’t care about the DPS loss because the fact that we’re able to run with 2 healers instead of 3 pretty much more than makes up for it.

    Trading personal DPS for raid dps is an easy choice for me, though, since I still wind up with “good enough” dps with spirit. I don’t have a single piece of ICC25 gear equipped and I easily pull more than my share.

    Of course, my runs are at Putricide/Pricncess so I may sing a different tune before long.

    • Sunfyre

      We really shouldn’t be pushing this “hey we can adequately fulfill two roles without switching specs”. We should NOT be able to. This belief is part of why there is a hybrid tax.

      • Duskstorm

        Maybe, but this is really fun for me, and I can really notice the contribution I bring to the raid.

        To each his own, but I personally love stance dancing.

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