Quick Data: Heroic Nibelung

by on Mar.09, 2010, under Gear Discussion

I was fortunate enough to receive [item]50648[/item] tonight, and I wanted to give a quick update on the Val’kyr proc.

The Val’kyr Guardian, summoned by the nonheroic Nibelung, averages about 1750 damage or so.  (1700-1900 damage before resists).

The Val’kyr Protector, summoned by the heroic version, averages about 1950-1960 damage.  (2000-2200 damage before resists).

A small buff to the proc, but a buff none the less.

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  • Aeiedil

    HC Nibeling is definitely on my shopping list. It’s about the only item in ICC25 HC that I can guarentee I will have no competition on :)

  • nomilk

    i still question whether its worth going for this weapon im so used to using a mh/oh and im not too sure on how reliable the dmg is from this staff

  • Trunkdapimp

    I have the non heroic version personaly i like it i play a blance druid… it gives a nice amount of burst when its up… sure i miss the haste/crit from a non proc staff but im at a soft cap so having this extra bit of rng is ok with me ive gone a entire 4 min boss fight with continued procs and ive had those lucky 10 sec where i have 5 Alive key word alive ive had like 8 laying dead in a pile but that doesnt count :) Bufff the hp a bit or make it so they are more resistant to aoe damage then this staff would get a 5/5 for me as for now i give it a 4/5 for any boomkin like me

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