Question of the Week: 3.3.3 Glyphs

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Question of the Week:  Do you plan on using the [item]Glyph of Starfall[/item] in 3.3.3 if you aren’t currently?  How about the [item]Glyph of Focus[/item]?

I haven’t sat down and theorycrafted a whole lot on the glyph of focus, and whether it’s worth dropping [item]Glyph of Moonfire[/item] or [item]Glyph of Starfire[/item], but I’ve decided not to pick it up, and here is my reasoning:

While Starfall is going to be a great boost to all of our DPS, and a 20% boost would be nice, the place it’s going to really shine is Blood Beasts on Heroic Saurfang (as the main star component is not treated as an AoE), as well as Lich King (it’ll do some massive AoE and splash damage to the Vile Spirits).  Cutting the range by 50% would really counter-act that, and I believe really cut into the utility of the spell.

I’m already using [item]Glyph of Starfall[/item] and definitely will be going forward.

What do you guys plan on using?

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  • Deandre - Dalaran

    Starfall instead of IIS. I like the 3% hit debuff too much. I’m tempted to pick up Focus, but I’ll only try it once I’m at 4p T10, which isn’t likely to happen soon with my schedule.

  • lissanna

    The first time I pull a bunch of extra crap by popping starfall, I’m going to switch to glyph of focus.

  • Lereth

    Probably just stick to Starfall right now. I’m afraid of being out of range for boss fights, so I probably won’t pick up Focus right away (if at all). Only time will tell I guess.

  • Deathturkey

    the range cut is pretty crucial, 50% is 18 yards, thats a pretty big reach, you might end up wasting dps time by trying to get in range for starfall…

  • Aeiedil

    I too will be switching back to Starfall glyph alongside Starfire/Moonfire and refuse to buy into Glyph of Focus for similar reasons. Part of my love of Starfall is its insane radius.

  • Threa

    I was planning on using the glyph of Focus in addition to the Starfall glyph I’m already using but you brought up a very valid point about Starfall range and Vile Spirits in LK; which my guild is currently working on in 10 man.

    Will you be sticking with Glyph of Moonfire? I’ve read a few posts in EJ forums and they’re indiciating that the glyphs of Starfall, Focus, and IS are an option. I wish I could test these out on the PTR with the new Starfall, though.

  • Orrak

    the only fight i see myself wanting focus over starfall is rotface, (and possibly lady d) seeing as i’m terrified of using it on that fight with the huge range. Whereas having it on a quicker cd is impossibly useful for stuff like DBS and Dreamwalker, not to mention the extra dps against the RNG boss for Lunar->Solar transition

  • Zokkiruu

    I don’t think it is worth picking up Glyph of Focus just yet or at all because of the range reduction. I feel like it just isn’t going to be worth the extra damage. The starfall buff is going to be nice, but I don’t think it’s gonnna change us drastically, and it still doesn’t fix the main problem.
    I do however, think I’m going to use Glyph of Starfall instead of Glyph of Insect Swarm. :)

  • Andrewida-EU

    I think using of the glyph or not is strongly depends of the raid setup :) If more aoe-able classes presents, then Glyph of Focus is not that neccessary like in the opposite case :)

  • Balourd

    Demo warlocks deal with the melee range they need for their immolation aura to work, I’m sure we can survive 10 seconds of 18 yards range
    Was it 18 yards? i read somewhere that it was 21 yards due to talents being calculated before or after, or something about that.

  • Seca

    I’ve been running SF/MF/SFall to provide the miss debuff from IS. I’m not planning any changes. There really aren’t many fights in ICC where I’m with 21 yards of the boss.

    I can see swapping focus in the odd place. Currently, glyph of focus is selling for like 25g on my server. :P Getting a guildie to spool some up for me.

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