Icecrown Citadel “hotfixes”

by on Mar.05, 2010, under General

Apparently nerfs to the encounter are now being called “hotfixes”.  The following nerfs were applied to ICC:

  • In the Lord Marrowgar encounters, the boss will no longer reset threat after a bone storm and will now wait a small amount of time before attacking at the end of a bone storm.
  • In the Deathbringer Saurfang encounters, the boss is now less likely to cast Blood Nova on targets affected by Mark of the Fallen Champion.
  • In both normal and heroic versions of the 10 player Rotface encounter, the mutated infection ability will not be cast as quickly while the fight progresses.
  • In the 10- and 25-player heroic Festergut encounters, the malleable goo ability should no longer target pets.
  • In the Valithria Dreamwalker encounters, the duration of Emerald Vigor and Twisted Nightmares were slightly increased.
  • In the Sindragosa encounters, the duration of the instability debuff was slightly reduced.

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  • Plaid

    I’m not sure if you copied this directly from another source, but Malleable Goo is a Putricide ability, not Festergut.

  • Threa

    A lot of people have mixed feelings about the recent raid wide buff and these hotfixes, I welcome some of them, others feel a bit excessive and unnecessary.

  • Grandil

    With the implementation of the zone-wide buff it seems like the same pattern we had prior to the last two expansions.

    Allthough a 30% buff/nerf to the instance? seems a bit much I guess it’ll serve a purpose of keeping people interested in raiding untill Cataclysm comes closer.

  • Andrewida-EU

    Now guys, we can do [Full House(25)] with closed eyes :D
    Ohm, they didn’t nerfed her again ?
    So, nvm – we can do the other bosses (soon!) :)

  • Chelski

    In other news… ICC will shortly be renamed to Upper Blackrock Spire and General Draks blood will no longer be required to access Onyxia.


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