Cataclysm Stat & System Changes announced!

by on Mar.01, 2010, under General

Eyonix just posted the changes to stats that we will see in Cataclysm.  Many we expected.  Spell power will go away, and intellect will provide spell power.  Weapons, however, will still provide spell power.  Spirit will only be found on healing gear and will be an un-needed DPS stat.  Balance druids will still be sharing gear with resto druids.  But wait?!  I thought we wouldn’t want spirit?!

Eyonix has an answer:

If you are a Balance druid or Elemental shaman:

  • You will still share gear with Restoration druids and shaman.
  • Your gear will have Spirit on it. It won’t have Hit on it.
  • You will have a talent that converts Spirit to Hit. We will adjust talents accordingly so that you want about as much Spirit as, say, a warlock wants Hit.
  • Hit on rings and other such gear will still benefit you.
  • Raid buffs will no longer boost Spirit, so you shouldn’t find yourself unexpectedly over the Hit cap because of buffs.

This certainly looks interesting.  I’m sure more will come.

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  • Duskstorm

    Wow I wrote that long response in the other thread only to find out Blizzard has more than likely made us both happy :)

    Our gear will have all the stats needed to be good off healers if we want to, but there’s no reason they can’t make us nuke as well as anyone. Veeerrry happy about this.

  • Qieth

    Having spirit give hit isn’t that big a deal. Holy priests and holy paladins will have a pile of gear that only they can use, and all other specs has another spec to share with (except for plate tanks, who are three to share gear). With this change, it seems like the simplest approach.

    With reforging, getting additional spirit over our “hit” cap, we can simply reduce the spirit on some of our gear to get more combat stats.

  • Orrak

    While i see that this is likely the simplest and most elegant solution to having 3 sets of druid gear in every content tier i become very worried about boomkins encountering the same problems that bear druids currently deal with gearing. In terms of trying to cobble together pieces of other peoples gear with talents that try to make the stats useful. But then maybe i’m being overly pessimistic

  • Qieth

    Wouldn’t it seem likely that resto/balance druids share tier pieces, just as cat/bear does? “Increases the healing of your regrowth and the damage of your wrath by x%”.

  • Duskstorm

    I think a lot of people don’t realize Blizzards ultimate goal of moving our choices of which abilities and spells to use from itemization and gear stats towards situational decision making. I think they want to us to stop simply having theorycrafters hand us down a tried and true talent build, glyph set, best in slot lists, and canned rotations. They also want to make raid composition change boss strategies more and more, so we don’t just go watch a tankspot video that tells us exactly what to do.

    It’s hard to argue with them, the direction the game is going is getting bland and repetitive. It gets really boring just being an actor on a stage with a script you have to perform mindlessly over and over. Especially frustrating when we can’t progress because we can’t fill a raid with people who all know their parts as well as us.

  • Orrak

    @Qieth: I wasn’t refering to tier sets as much as I was offset pieces, of course now that I think about it there’s already only one set of caster gear that is already of questionable worth to us so ibsuppose I’m just blowing smoke

  • Balourd

    I don’t know, i think that for Balance druids, the Spirit conversion to Spell power is nice. Considering their “Balance” aspect, i think its kinda nice to have their Intelligence be the source of their power as well as their Spirit. Don’t you guys think?

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