3.3.3: Starfall by the numbers

by on Feb.25, 2010, under General

The co-efficient to Starfall is being changed in 3.3.3.  That’s where the real boost in damage is, not the flat rate.  The values posted from Ghostcrawler are below:

Main star
Old coefficient: 4.8%
New coefficient: 37%

Splash damage
Old coefficient: 1.2%
New coefficient: 13%

This is a huge buff.  I ran some numbers which I feel are fairly accurate, although I don’t claim to be a theorycrafter:

Moonkin form, 4000 spellpower

Current Starfall:

Main star: 687.5 – 764.5 damage
Splash star:  138.6 damage

3.3.3 Starfall:

Main star: 2247 – 2346 damage
Splash star: 683.1 damage

As you can see, the main star component of Starfall was nearly tripled, and the splash star damage went up by nearly 6 times.  This will be a huge boost to Starfall, especially in an AoE situation.  The [item]Glyph of Starfall[/item] will be a definite must have.

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  • Matriarch

    NERF MOONKINS.. I hear the other dps say ;-)

    But this sounds too good to be true tbh. Wonder if they will keep it that way. sounds pretty wicked. :-)

  • roukie

    sounds promising then. Hopefully theyll keep it like this but i been playin too long to know that they will probably bring it down before it goes live.

  • Balourd

    Like GC said : Rather than adding another nuke we thought it made more sense to make the 51 pointer something that really delivers on damage

  • Orrak

    this is, in fact, too good to be true. What GC Said:
    Main shot
    Base points 432 -> 562
    Coefficient 0.21 -> 0.37

    Splash damage
    Base points 77 -> 100
    Coefficient 0.12 -> 0.13

    for those less math minded folks thats a 76% increase i spellpower scaling on the main shot and an 8% increase on the splash. Not a 750% increase that Sun used in his calculations. Don’t have time ot math it out right now but my guess would be the about 1-1.2k hits and 250 splash.
    Considering that with the glyph starfall already makes up 4% of my overall damage typically, sextupling the damage of starfall would amount to a 20% increase in my overall dps. A buff like that is unheard of.

  • Sunfyre

    Go to the link, Orrak. GC corrected himself once Hamlet again proved to know the coefficients better then the developers. The numbers I posted are correct and supplied by Ghostcrawler.

  • Orrak

    Thank you sunfyre, I stand corrected. I just updated my PTR client so i could try it out, that really is an incredible buff. Average main shot was at about 2.5 with 500-600 splash crits for 3.5-5k and 1-1.2k respectively. While GC may not know what the coefficients are he certainly wasn’t wrong when he said we wouldn’t be disappointed.

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