3.3.3 changes: Typhoon and Starfall

by on Feb.24, 2010, under General

The PTR was updated with the following balance changes:

  • Typhoon mana cost has been reduced from 32% of base mana to 25% of base mana.
  • Starfall damage has been increased. Now causes 563 to 653 Arcane damage (Up from 433 to 503) and 101 Arcane damage (Up from 78) to all other enemies within 5 yards.
  • Nature’s Grasp: Now has 3 charges, up from 1.

While I rely on both heavily in Icecrown and welcome the changes, I was hoping for something a bit more substantial.  I may not be a PVPer, but I really don’t think this is a huge burst difference in PVP, either, and I hope this is not what they were promising.  Considering that Starfall cannot continue to proc while stunned, it seems underwhelming.  I’d like to see that restriction reverted, too.

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  • Roukie

    Crossing my fingers for more to come…

  • Aeiedil

    I’m definitely quite underwhelmed at present. I am hoping that there is something else in the works.

    Regarding the Nature’s Grasp change, I’d assume that entangling roots still only affects 1 target so I’d question the overall value of that change. The typhoon mana cost is nice but again won’t change surviviability particularly.

    The starfall damage increase is nice, but in the course of a fight the extra damage from that is marginal.

  • Orrak

    I have to admit to being quite underwhelmed myself, but if you really think about it what else could they have done short of a new spell which I doubt they’d do this close to cata.
    Off-topic: the new iPhone friendly owlkin is awesome!

  • Sunfyre

    I’ve had the iPhone/Android/Blackberry plugin installed for quite awhile. Since launch, but I accidentally had it disabled for a small period. Is it just recently you’ve been able to see the iPhone version, or had you never tried before?

  • Orrak

    this is the first time I checked it on my phone in a few weeks but the last time it was tge normal browser version, maybe 3 weeks ish?

  • Skyfyre

    I dont understand why they just dont rebuild the balance spec from scratch, all these minor changes do nothing for the class in the long run.

  • Roukie

    Too close to cataclysm for them to start rebuilding it from scratch, not when their going to do that again anyway in cata with all the talent builds…

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