Ghostcrawler admits Eclipse is broken

by on Feb.21, 2010, under General

Ghostcrawler actually admitted that his pride and joy, Eclipse, was fundamentally broken, that Moonkin are overly penalized on movement fights, and it’s over budgeted for a talent.  What is the world coming to?!  Now let’s see if he’ll try to fix it.

As I’ve said before, the goal isn’t merely to get you to use Starfire and Wrath. The goal is to have a rotation that is more than just 12121212 or even 111222111222. RNG is something we actually want. The best players should be the ones who can pay attention and react to situations, not the ones who can mash their keys the fastest (or download the most recent macros).

The biggest problems with Eclipse are:

1) It’s too much of a damage increase. Here we see the problem with overbudgeted talents. The RNG wouldn’t be an issue if the magnitude of those random rolls wasn’t so huge.

2) It suffers too much from movement. Losing an Eclipse proc when you have to run is a problem, particularly given point 1. Now we have no problem with classes taking a dps hit when they have to move and we don’t even mind of some specs pay a heavier penalty than others. But it’s a problem when the delta between dps when moving and dps when not moving is so great. “

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4 Comments for this entry

  • Balourd

    Birds of prey will rule the WORLD
    of warcraft!

  • Roukie

    Double the duration, but give it charges. once the charges or duration expire, ure eligible to proc the other eclipse.

    Heard it here 1st..

  • Qieth

    “Broken” might be a tad harsh to say. Eclipse works in its current form, but it takes too much of a hit under certain circumstances. Broken sounds like something much worse than that.

  • Roukie

    Eclipse is fine, as long as you dont havta move, on a stand still boss, i dont feel inadequate, i bring my buffs, and i shoot ma lazers, and i can pull moderate dps. im happy, its just when i havta move, and loose my eclipse+trinket proc/ring proc/any proc…i little piece of me dies inside. the whole talent is wasted, sure 4pct8 gave a little more use out of it, and making that a part of the core talent could keep us going till cata.

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