Glyph of Wrath not likely to help fix low hastecap

by on Feb.17, 2010, under General

Ghostcrawler commented about a suggestion for a Wrath glyph to raise both it’s cast time and damage co-efficient in an effort to fix our hastecap.  He wasn’t a fan.  Apparently because some bad balance druids could be confused by the intent, we shouldn’t implement it, instead of making them actually LEARN THE CLASS.  I’m not a fan of having to wait to Cataclysm, either.

I understand the intent and it’s clever in a way, but we would be hesitant to introduce a glyph that would actually be a bad glyph for players who weren’t capable of benefiting from a bunch of haste. There are some glyphs with a kiss / curse vibe, but usually not this severe, and with a curse that really isn’t a curse when you consider that it lets you benefit more from haste in the long run.

It might make more sense if you tucked it away where only endgame focused players could reach it (like an idol that dropped off an ICC boss), but even then it would almost need a warning label explaining what it was trying to do. “

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  • vromeov

    That is honestly bullshit…

    Blizzard needs to stop worrying about casuals

  • Baljet

    This would be a simple and effective fix. They’re not worried about casuals using non-standard talent builds, why should they be so worried about them picking the odd sub-optimal glyph?

  • untihil

    Awesome idea imo, I’m already hitting gcd with wrath and in heroism I’m well over gcd with casts, and seeing that HM is coming up and the T10 itself will get better aswell when improving I’d love to get a slower wrath with imp dmg. Hello dps buff :D

  • Aeiedil

    What I took away from that comment was slightly different.

    What I took away was that the initial curse exactly the same thing that seems bad (the cast time increase) later becomes a benefit.

    Without the pre-requisite gear then it would be hard to have the glyph balanced in such a way that it would not decrease DPS to someone who has decided to equip it i.e. sub-80 AND not increase DPS at ICC levels of gear beyond a balanced point.

    If such a glyph was released then I would rethink my gearing and reglyph to fit it without hesitation, but it does feel like a very difficult one to balance compared to other options that they could explore.

  • Balourd

    casuals give them 10.5 million players worldwide, elitist maybe are 500 thousand players.
    so lets keep those 500,000 players happy and lose 11 million subscriptions?

  • Sunfyre

    Not all glyphs, just like not all gear, are good for all situations. The glyph of rapid rejuv is probably horrible if you have low haste. That doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t exist.

  • Aeiedil

    The thing about rapid rejuvenation is that it doesn’t decrease the amount of healing done or change that much. If you have low haste then taking a Wrath glyph that slows casting speed may well hurt your DPS.

    Rapid rejuvenation at low haste just doesn’t increase your healing as much as alternatives :)

  • Sunfyre

    So here’s a radical idea:

    If it is not good for you, don’t use it. There’s plenty of other options.

  • maha

    “planty” you mean the second and last option glyph of insect swarm wich will be unable to use while ICC 25 hard modes ?

  • Balourd

    Glyph of starfall seem to be a loved glyph for ICC, especially LK fight.

  • Balourd

    i dont like the idea of increasing wrath cast time and damage.
    if we would increase wrath cast time by a glyph, people would cry about our dps while moving which would be even worse now that our fastest nuke would take longer to cast.
    Always find something to whine about, always.

  • Sunfyre

    No, I said “plenty”. And yes. I’m DOING hardmodes in ICC, and keeping up insect swarm for the -hit% debuff hasn’t been an issue, so far. There’s also glyph of Starfall, which is obviously nice, but I could live without.

    As for Balourd — We HAVE to increase Wrath’s cast time. That’s the whole reason for the insanely low haste cap. 1.5 seconds is too quick of a cast to really benefit from haste. Our fastest nuke right now is not scaling with haste. If you have a high enough haste, you’ll still get it down close to 1 second anyways, so you won’t see any difference.

  • Balourd

    idk how blizard would like to basicaly give 1 starfire with arcane damage and 1 starfire with nature damage.

  • nomilk

    i dont think they would increase the cast time to that extent though as u would loose the point of eclipse basically. they do however need to implement something im 200 over haste cap and crit capped when raid buffed so something needs to happen

  • Sunfyre

    I think you’re missing the mark — The cast time really would not be raised by much, because you’d actually benefit from haste greater then 401, thus allowing you to further reduce the spell time, closer to 1 second again.

    Right now when I’m under Nature’s Grace, I’m at 1.0sec Wraths, with such a low haste value, and I get absolutely NO benefit from half of Bloodlust, as my .8sec Wrath go no faster then my 1.0 sec Wrath.

  • Balourd

    Naaww i’m not missing the mark. I understand the need of a fix for low haste cap, and up to a certain extent, the fix for the crit cap, and up to another certain extent, the fix for the ratings in general. Blizz fucked up with item levels and we’re paying the price.
    I just dont think Blizzard would fix us by giving our fastest nuke more damage, because in the end, its not even slowing it down. Its basicaly a glyph giving the spell static damage increase. The only glyph i can think of that does that is Lightning Bolt glyph, and its only 4%.

    A way to fix our haste problem could be some kind of Arcane Blast-style debuff.
    Every spell cast would increase its next cast time by a certain amount, say, 15%, and would also increase its damage by a certain amount, say, 3%. This effect would stack up to three or four times, at which point it might not be as beneficial to stack it completely except maybe in cases where haste is very high, on Hyperspeed Accelerator uses or Bloodlust, for example.

  • Balourd

    On another note though, they seem to have made most of the DoTs critable by nature, they did leave out moonfire and insect swarm. (patch 3.3.3) Yet another moonkin joke?

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