The fall of the Lich King

by on Feb.12, 2010, under General

We killed Lich King on 25man tonight, after many many hours perfecting (and I use that word loosely), phase 3.  I must say it’s probably the most fun I’ve ever had in any single encounter, and for the most part, redeems Icecrown Citadel for me.  The really amazing thing is how they’ve made a role for all classes, including us moonkin.  We bring much value to the fight, and I’ve had those in my guild tell me if I hadn’t been there they wouldn’t have killed it.

The essentials:  [item]Glyph of Starfall[/item] helps a lot.  But what you REALLY need is [spell]Glyph of Typhoon[/spell], unglyphed, so you can knock back the vile spirits in phase 5.  It makes them so much more manageable. The daze also helps slow the Val’kyr when they land so stuns can be put out easier.

NOTE:  The mobs in phase 1 ARE able to be knocked back, so you probably do NOT want to use Typhoon there.

I’ll post a kill shot once it becomes available.

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