Languish by the numbers

by on Feb.12, 2010, under Gear Discussion

I know there’s been some people claiming that Languish is not that much of an upgrade from 4pc T9.  The following is a screenshot of a 10man Saurfang kill I did right after getting 4pc, and you can see that it clearly is an upgrade.

Let’s assume a 60% crit rate on Moonfire, which I think is actually a little on the high side, even given [spell]Improved Moonfire[/spell].  Moonfire did 127973 damage.  If 60 percent of them crit and did double damage, 127973*1.60*1.03(meta gem) = 210899.504 damage.

Now, Languish did 108132 damage.  127973+108132=236105 damage.   That’s a 11% boost in damage over 2PC T9, and that’s giving Moonfire a very generous crit rate.  Giving a 55 percent crit rate, and 204308 damage, you’re looking at a 14% boost.

I don’t theorycraft often, so feel free to double check my math.

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  • kindercan

    all i know is, i’ve been pulling threat a lot more than i ever did in T9

  • Balourd

    I hear moonnkins talk about dropping the dots from our rotations, or keep the dot from the eclipsed nuke up for the eclipse uptime. did anyone try that out ?

  • nomilk

    this is just me personaly but i only have 1 dot up per eclipse. moonfire-lunar and is-solar, what ive tested its a dps loss to apply both. i wouldnt completely drop them from my rotation however as they buff each specific eclipse. as regards to the threat ive had massive threat issues since toc and with class threat dump such as soulshatter i have to call out for HoS so i dont over aggro, its true languish is adding to my threat alot but as it stands there isnt anything u can do about it

  • nomilk

    no class threat dump*

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