Languish: How it works, and it’s problems.

by on Feb.06, 2010, under General

Note:  I’ve edited this post a bit since I’ve had time to sleep and actually think clearly, along with information given by commenters.

There’s been some questions on the forums regarding [spell]Languish[/spell], and concerns over an apparent bug if you crit back to back within 2.0sec of each other, the Languish dot will never tick.  Languish will refresh, and the damage of Languish will roll, just like ignite, but you won’t be getting a rolling dot while you keep refreshing >2.0 seconds.  I’m not sure if this “feature” is the same for mages with Ignite, but I’m assuming the mechanic is the same.

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  • Grandil

    If that’s true I guess a nifty fix would be to let it tick on application sorta like penance.

  • Mikey

    From my understanding, it rolls like Ignite and will gain the combined damage of each crit until it gets to tick out, so you aren’t actually losing damage.

  • Ithilien

    Well I can confirm it works – went to spank a target dummy for about 6 minutes after a lucky VoA25 and it did about 5% of total damage done. I haven’t really paid attention to whether or not you constantly refresh the DoT though & I’m afraid I’ve already chucked out the logs…

  • Roukie

    On a Other note, Nibelung got some buffage…

    ‘Nibelung Hotfix
    I updated my last post, the val’kyr heals for 25% of her maximum health and that is intended.

    Regarding the proc chance, the recent change made it so other items/procs can no longer cause other items to procs, only spells a player knows. This is why we increased the proc chance for this item from from 1% to 2% but that is still a buff overall.’

  • maha

    wtb some reports/recounts/logs with languish for compare the dmg from the low set bonus, sunfyre i said the set bonus is equal to t9 set bonus not the stats of items…

  • CastorFiber

    confirmed that the dot will refresh, so u will lose dps if u do 2 crits in a row, just like with insect swarm

    • Qieth

      Are you sure of this? Why would it work different from ignite, where it just adds up and then – to my knowledge – fires off the tick when there hasn’t been a crit, but counting all of the crits before it.

      See Grandil’s comment at top.

  • Sunfyre

    Maybe I’m thinking not clearly, but if you were critting at 2.1 seconds apart, would it not do an initial tick, and then refresh with the added damage of the next crit, thus giving you more DPS, then if you were critting at 1.9 seconds apart, which will never give you an initial tick? Languish should tick twice, because of the 4 second duration, so if you were just over the 2 second mark, you’d get a tick, and a roll/refresh. Unless it accounts for how much damage was done when it rolls into the next one?

  • nomilk

    to clear this up a little the dot stacks with each incoming crit, if u crit 2 within 2 secs as i very often do the dot will not tick until a 2 sec gap has lapsed. if u look at the amount of dmg that it ticks for it works out to combined dmg of all crits that have hit without the 2 sec gap. hence why on say festergut it will tick for 8k which is not 7% of a starfire crit its the combined dmg of all crits. however 1 think i noted is that once the languish ticks and u say crit again it resets the languish dot completely.

  • Qieth

    Great, thats what i thought before CastorFiber came along and said “Confirmed, you will lose DPS if..”

    In about .. 40 emblems, ill have enough emblems to buy head and pants. At my current gear, it will be about a 0% DPS increase, but it should let me check out the finer workings of Languish on my own until i get some more tokens :P

  • Balourd

    That means some brutal crits after a lunar eclipse!

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