Lich King loot available

by on Feb.02, 2010, under General

Click here to see the weapons dropped off the Lich King.  Notice how the DPS caster weapon is a SWORD.  Thanks Blizzard.

This is the 10man list.

10man items to note:

[item]51799[/item] (Heroic: [item]51943[/item])

[item]51803[/item] (Heroic: [item]51939[/item])

25man items to note:

[item]50429[/item] (Heroic: [item]50731[/item])

[item]51939[/item] appears to be best in slot, however if you manage to kill 25man heroic Arthas, [item]50734[/item], the healing mace, may be a better option just because of the insane stats on it.

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  • Roukie

    Ive been mulling it over, were already haste capped (soft) hit capped, and crit capped. The 10man HC dagger is looking like BiS. but with HC gear, were gonna be way over these soft caps, wouldnt that bring (eventhough its nerfed) Nib ahead of all the semi useless stats. Having its item budget spent on the valk’s proc (although somewhat situational) instead of on crit/haste. I know they will still be usefull, im already avoiding haste as it is, but its being pushed on me, by no end from the tier pieces etc.
    Since Haste/crit will only effect half of our rotation haste for SF and crits on wrath during their appropriate eclipse’s . (not including dots here btw, especially with dropping t9.
    I can just see a wall of maximum possible output that we will never be able to get over, and weve only just had the last part of NORMALs opened. :/

    Could we get to a point where we jus throw out wrath alltogether stack haste like a mage and spam SF till kingdom come. proccing eclipse only too run lunar?

  • Qieth

    Whats the argument for putting Tel’Thas as BIS over Frozen Bonespike heroic? FBS wins hands down with 65 more spell power (SP added from spirit as well), a few more crit rating and no haste. Losing 74 haste rating for 65 spell power is fine.

    Royal Scepter wins by a wide margain on heroic, but Frozen Bonespike does take over Tel’Thas.

  • Qieth

    Slight correction. Sigrie reports 3 gem slots for heroic Archus, while Wowhead only reports 2. If the heroic version does have three sockets, then it wins out slightly over FB/SSS. So the heroic BIS list, from my perspective, is Royal Scepter > Archus > Frozen Bonespike > Tel’thas > Halion.

  • Balourd

    They will change the stats on Royal Scepter II, replacing Mp5 with HASTE. can you say, BIS?

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