Omen of Doom, movement fights, and the expensive solution

by on Jan.13, 2010, under General

Ever notice how [spell]Gift of the Wild[/spell] seems to ALWAYS proc [spell]16870[/spell] when buffing a 25man raid?

One extremely unconventional, yet significant method to increase your DPS on those movement heavy fights (where our DPS is usually pretty low), is to add in Gift of the Wild to your DPS rotation.  This will usually always proc Clearcasting, thus also proccing [spell]70721[/spell].  Throwing up a GoTW, then refreshing dots, and potentially GoTWing again, and returning to Wrath, seems to be a considerable boost to DPS.  Especially if you can proc Lunar Eclipse quick enough, and extend that Moonfire roll via the [item]Glyph of Starfire[/item].  It’s hard to tell how this proc will affect the rolling damage from 4PC T10 as well.

Take out a small loan and make some bag room for [item]Wild Spineleaf[/item]!

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  • Akutsito

    Now that is very interesting…, getting enough emblems for a second part today, so we’ll see how that works, might be good to start early to get the hang of it.

  • Balourd

    Would it be worth it to GotW EVERY time you wanna refresh your dots, might even be worth to drop Starfire glyph, to get both dots refreshed at once ?
    Basicaly a new rotation something like
    GotW + Insect Swarm + Moonfire
    GotW + Refreshing dots

    Would make the dots hit 15% harder all the time ! Discuss ?

  • Roukie

    Is this really the place were at :( Sad Times.

    How much dps we talking here? Im goin to try out this weekend in our 25man, ill aim to proc a omen before refreshing both dots.

  • Balourd

    Check out Blizz soon calling that “Omen of Clarity will no longer proc from Gift of the Wild”. Something like that. i can feel it !

  • Baljet

    I’ve used the GotW trick in aoe intensive and long duration fights to proc clearcasting for Hurricane if I’ve been low on mana, this could be interesting…

  • Seca

    I guess I figured Blizz had this in mind when they set the bonus, giving us some “burst on demand” that we normally lack.

    I’ve been trying to use this:
    – at the start of the fight
    – when burst is needed (ie., blood beasts)
    – when running around (Fester & Rotty)
    – just as heroism is called
    but I sometimes forget. :) I don’t really have a sense of what I’m gaining since I’ve changed a bunch of gear at the same time.

  • kindercan

    i was running a LFG last night and hit MotW by accident and wound up doing 12k on some boss. i was like WOA. It would be awesome to start doing that on a regular basis, but I’ll have to be careful in LFG, i can only pull off the tank so many times before the healer stops healing me.

  • Balourd

    Was doing some 10m and tried the GotW strategy, i find it unreliable on the proc with only 10 players. Would probably be worth it on 25 man though

  • Khirra

    Very very interesting! I’m gonna try this. Thanks!

  • kindercan

    I had this proc on trash last night as I was Hurricaning it. 18k DPS, WOA. I also find it unreliable on 10 man, but it also seemed like Clearcasting was procing quite often. My DPS has gone up quite a bit with this bonus, plus I got the revered ring last night as well, WOA, when that thing procs, step back, I was #1 dps by a LONG shot. We did the weekly and I was pulling 9k on Patchwork, which to me is just incredible.

  • Qieth

    Doing AOE on Anub is absolutely sweet with 2pt10. Five targets, gale winds, 15% more damage from tier proc = awesome. Only the death knights beat me :P

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