Putricide hotfixes, heroic dungeon nerfs

by on Jan.12, 2010, under General

A few hotfixes went out for the Putricide encounter today:

  • Professor Putricide’s Tear Gas will no longer remove player auras.
  • The Growing Ooze Puddles in the Professor Putricide encounter will no longer continue to grow while players are stunned.

A few heroic dungeons were also nerfed to allow faster clears.

On a side note, the 2 piece Balance T10 proc is called [spell]70721[/spell].  Doing 20k+ Starfires and 14k+ wraths is pretty neat.

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  • kindercan

    hey I just got my 2 t10, should i switch to that and drop 4 t9? I posed this question on Greylo’s blog but got no answer.

  • Sunfyre

    As 4 T9 only buffs Wrath and Starfire (which are only about 85-90pct of your damage), it’s only a 3.4-3.6% boost in your damage. Although the 2T10 is a bit more RNG, it boosts all damage. Especially with the E&M change coming soon that’s going to increase our spell power by an additional 3%, I would say yes, switch. I personally did switch to the 2PC T10 already.

  • kindercan

    I’ve got a question, do you have typhoon speced for the Saurfang fight? what did you drop to pick it up? right now i have two specs, one with starfall and one with typhoon. i’d love to have them both though, starfall is one of my favorite spells, especially when there’s crazy trash running around. imagine what it would do with the omen of doom.

  • Sunfyre

    I don’t spec Typhoon for Saurfang. Our melee stun the adds, and we nuke them down quick enough. We have fairly high DPS so it hasn’t been a problem.

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