Icecrown Citadel: Gunship Battle preview

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I’ve been remiss in my goal to give brief previews of the different battles for those who have yet to see Icecrown Citadel, or want a very topical description of the fights.  This is in no means a fully inclusive boss strategy, just a high level view of the fight, and those things pertinent to a moonkin.

This is in the point of view of Alliance.  The character names/models are changed if you’re Horde, but the abilities are the same.

There are several different elements occuring at the same time of Gunship Battle.  I’ll try to break them down.

Cannons: (4 on 25man, 2 on 10man)

There are cannons which are used to attack the opposing gunship.  Generally melee are placed in these, and they attack the [npc]36982[/npc].  If the rocketeers are dead, they can begin to attack the [npc]36968[/npc].  The cannons have two abilities, first they use [spell]69399[/spell], which produces an energy bar called “Heat”.  Once your heat is 80+, you should use the “finishing move”, [spell]70175[/spell].  If your heat reaches 100, however, you will begin to [spell]69487[/spell], which will lock out the cannon for 3 seconds.


The rocketeers will launch rockets at your ship, and their destination is marked with a large cross on the ground.  Dodge the rocketstrikes.  The cannons should be attacking them.


The axe throwers will randomly attack people on your ship.  Your ranged DPS should be killing these.

[npc]36960[/npc] / [npc]36957[/npc]

These mobs will teleport onto your gunship and need to be offtanked.  Casters should occasionally AoE them down, as they will begin to do more damage as time goes on.  The Sergeants will also use [spell]69652[/spell] and [spell]69651[/spell].


The Battle-Mage will arrive and [spell]69705[/spell].  This will cause your cannons to be frozen and unusable.  Your melee will need to jump over and kill the mage.


High Overlord Saurfang needs to be tanked when the melee go over to kill the Battle Mage.  The offtank should jump over BEFORE the melee, and return AFTER them, so Saurfang does not attack any of the melee.  He cannot be killed, and his damage grows in time as he’s in combat, so it’s important to recall totems and return to your own gunship after the mage is killed.

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  • Balourd

    Careful when you aim for rocketeers in the back, if you aim too far, youll miss the boat completely and lose a ton of dps. If both rocketeers are dead, aim for the axe throwers !

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