Professor Putricide down

by on Jan.10, 2010, under General

Although I had to go with our alt group this week, as I somehow fell asleep before raid and slept through half of raid time, *toe*, our main group downed Professor Putricide this week.  I went with our well geared alts, and we were able to get him sub 15 percent a few times, but we didn’t have the right group composition or gear to nail the kill.  Everyone else took their mains back in and finished the job.  I apoligize for the sparse posting lately.  This was my birthday weekend and I’ve had a friend in town all weekend.  I hope to be ramping up again now.

I’ve also been getting behind on my previews for Icecrown, I hope to have time to write one tomorrow.

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  • Church

    Happy Birthday Sunfyre :)

  • Balourd

    With the Plagueworks out now, the feet from festergut are our best in slot and now available to us.
    Good luck on rolling against clothies for it !:)

  • Balourd

    If you guys wonder where i take that bis from, i got a list from another forum :
    Neck: Crit/haste Blood Queen
    Back: Crit/haste Valithria
    Wrist: Crit/Spirit Valithria
    Waist: Haste/crit cloth Marrowgar
    Feet: Haste/crit cloth Festergut
    Finger: Haste/crit Gunship
    Finger: Rep
    Trinkets: DFO and Phylactery.
    1H: Crit/Spirit Marrowgar
    OH: Crit/haste Blood Princes

  • Qieth

    We had our first 10 attempts on Professor Prut tonight, sadly we didn’t take him down. We did fix some rather fundemental issues we had with him, and it should be quite better next week.

    I still don’t think Phylactery will be a massively great trinket. Rumors flutter of an insanely long iCD, but EJ may be wrong.

    I posted a link to my updated BIS list the other day. You know where to find it if you care :)

    Happy birthday!

  • Balourd

    I guess we’ll just have to see for the trinkets. DFO sounds interesting. Will have to wait for testing.

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