Question of the Week: What will you miss?

by on Jan.06, 2010, under General

Question of the Week:  What in Lich King will you miss when Cataclysm launches?  I personally wish they would have done more with the Wyrmrest Temple.  Initially they had planned on doing more dragonflights then just Obsidian, but it never materialized.

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  • Balourd

    ill miss overcomplicated stats like armor penetration. :(
    ill miss soft caps easily reachable
    ill definitely miss ground mounts. since well fly everywhere.
    ill miss good ol’ karazhan. — oh wait

  • Matriarch

    Yes indeed Wrmrest Temple.

    But I would have loved that they made some major instance where Gundrak is.
    In Gundrak you just go inside in one of the smaller buildings. But what about the huge structure theat is build on the edge of the world just beside it. I really miss some major instance there. It looks so cool.. :)


  • Deandre - Dalaran

    Northrend in general. I actually like there more than any other continent.

  • kindercan

    i don’t spend any time in northrend except to raid or LFGs, most of my free time right now I spend grinding Timbermaw & Sporregar rep. I actually miss Outland, but that’s just me. getting the Northrend Achieve for all the quests was a load of fun, my favorite part of the game, but will I miss it? eh. I think there were areas in Azeroth that never got really developed that I miss more. Being able to fly everywhere will greatly enhance that whole world. Getting from anywhere to Timbermaw hold is just a chore, and there are some very beautiful areas that never really got developed much,(Azshara is still one of the coolest areas in the game). I’d love another monster instance like BRD. I think that the OK/AN area was probably WAY underused. That area is supposed to be huge, like as big as the Island itself, and yet we get 2 tiny dungeons and the last boss of TOC. meh, I love the game and lore, northrend, will just become the next Outland when the new patch drops, no reason to go there except to level your alts. and the big dungeons will be like the old, unused and empty.

  • Baldius

    I still realy enjoy Ulduar even thow my guild still has trouble with phase 2 of yogg. I am just hoping that the rest of ICC can match the fun I had in there because TOC got old realy quick. The best thing about yogg is even being overly geared will not help you get him down as much as other encounters.

  • Mushu

    I wish they had completed the instance named Uldum in southern Tanaris. :( Maybe some day…

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