Server Maintenance today.. Plagueworks unlocks.

by on Jan.05, 2010, under General

Servers will be going down for maintenance today, and Plagueworks should be unlocked when it returns.  We’re going in with both our 25man groups and will be clearing it.  I’ll post a small blurb about it shortly, as well as another brief synopsis (read: NOT A FULL BOSSKILLERS STRAT) on the Gunsnor..Gunship battle.

We don’t really have two fulltime raiding 25 man groups, however for non-heroic content we intermix a lot of alts in with the mains, to keep them geared up as well in case we need certain classes/builds for certain fights.

Stay tuned for more!

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  • Qieth

    Two 25 man groups? What an outrage! :P We have 30-35 raiders in total, so we go with one 25 man group. Over the holiday, though, we did manage to make 4 ICC10 groups each week, using mains, alts and socials. Fun stuff :)

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