Icecrown nerf and release of third wing

by on Jan.05, 2010, under General

Because 25man Icecrown Citadel wasn’t already easy enough, the following nerfs was made:

  • The Lady Deathwhisper encounter has seen the following changes in the 25 player normal version: mana pool has been reduced, the health on all adds has been reduced, and Adherents will wait a little longer after spawning before they start casting.

They also plan on releasing one wing of Icecrown every two weeks.  The third will open two weeks from now.  Expect the Lich King sometime in Februrary

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  • lissanna

    My guild had been struggling on Deathwhisper just because we weren’t always able to beat the enrage timer, since we were missing a couple of our best DPS players over break (and brought in undergeared people in their place). So, in terms of wanting the later wings accessible, I don’t think they wanted Deathwhisper to be as much of a “gear check” as it turned out to be for some guilds. I still think they probably went too far, but we’ll see…

  • Vromeov

    Honestly its really stupid they decided to do this but w/e…Guess makes getting through ICC to new wing a little faster

  • Shifted

    On a plus note however, Rotface & Festergut seem to be much more difficult than any of the first four bosses. By far.

  • Sunfyre

    I got home all nice and early today for the raid, I was excited. I decided to lay in bed for a brief moment as I had over an hour until raid time.

    I opened my eyes and it was 1.5 hours into raid.

    I feel like a dumbass.

  • Lereth

    Not all guilds have beat her on 25 man, especially because of the holidays. I look forward at attempting to get her down.

  • Vromeov

    Ouch Sunfyre..Rotface and Festergut are pretty fun. However,I see Rotface being a pain in the ass to down in heroic

  • Qieth

    Im very much looking forward to tonights raid (Europe), even if the bosses do seem a bit easy. How is the Professor? :P

  • Qieth

    Hee hee, they seemed easy, but we certainly had our troubles with them. We didn’t have any tries on the Professor, and it’s clear that no pug could go in and faceroll Festergut and Rotface. They might be able to on 10 man, but we we’re grazing the enrage timer on Festergut.

    Good times!

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