Icecrown Citadel wing unlocked this week!

by on Jan.03, 2010, under General

It’s been a quiet two weeks due to the holiday, but in case you forgot, the next wing of Icecrown, Plagueworks, is released this week.  This will unlock Rotface, Festergut, and Professor Putricide.  Unfortuntately, the only 25man piece of loot of any interest, really, is the [item]50026[/item], off Rotface.  There’s a few other leather pieces, but they’re itemized with haste, and the [item]50353[/item] is not impressive.

On the 10man side, there is [item]50985[/item], off Festergut, and [item]51009[/item] off Rotface.

Not really a lot of loot for us out of Plagueworks.  I’m still trying to get the spyglass and the bonespike.  The spyglass only seems to drop when I’m running on my hunter, and I keep losing the bonespike to resto druids who haven’t read the 3.3 patch notes.

How is your progression going?  Are you ready for Plagueworks?

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  • kindercan

    i wish we could get 25 people together who don’t fail. our 10 mans are clearing the wing pretty easily, and we have at any time of the week 10 people who can run it, but 25 at once??? nope. i did get the bone spike, the spyglass, a cool neck and some cloth wrists which were way better than what i was using. I know there’s way better gear in 25 man, but so far we’ve only killed one boss, so UCK!

  • Vromeov

    Spyglass is pissing me off by not showing its face after the first week..

    But yeah..Nothing really impressive at all for us in this wing and that makes me a sad owl

  • Balourd

    definitely ready for plagueworks. hope the difficulty level is like one notch higher.
    Recently my guild told me they only had a raiding spot for my shaman so i kinda have to pug 10 and 25m with my druid. i try to make it to raids but it also seems like my girlfriend wants to see me exclusively on raid days!

  • Qieth

    Im looking forward to Plagueworks, and I am hoping that the difficulty gets upped a bit. Festergut seems like a gear check for the most part, Rotface a coordination check. I am a little bit anxious for Professor, but thats mainly because i don’t think i have a confident overlook of the fight just from reading his abilities. Ah well, if we dont get him this week, we will get him next week, or on 10 man ;)

    As for loot, i dont really plan on rolling on loot that isn’t near my wishlist. I might take the helm, but then that would break a set bonus. At the moment, with 1 tier 10 and 4 tier 9, everytime i get one tier 10 bonus, i lose a tier 9 bonus. I suppose i could get the helmet and then upgrade, say, my gloves, and still be 2/2.

    Balourd: If my guild didn’t have a raiding spot for my main character, the one i wanted to raid on, id find another guild :P Sure, you might have played with them for a long time, but thats no way to treat a member.

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