Question of the Week: Icecrown Citadel Difficulty

by on Dec.30, 2009, under General

Do you feel Icecrown Citadel is tuned too easy?  On Sargeras, 19 guilds had the first four bosses down the first week … on 25man.  I sincerely hope the next wings get considerably harder.

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  • Matriarch

    Yup too easy.. Well to be fair, this is also what blizzard was planning wasn’t it? I mean to let the majority see the instances? I think when we get the to the heroic versions, we will see the difference ofcourse. But dont think its a bad idea with these easy instances to let people see the content this game has to offer. ;-)


  • Sunfyre

    Letting bad players kill Arthas, whether heroic or not, is not kosher. There should be some things actually left to strive to.

    • Matriarch

      So you believe that casual players that play like once a week or 2 times a week for fun shouldnt be able to down Arthas? I think it’s wrong to think in such a way. Of course it would be a bit diffycult to down Arthas when that time comes, but it should be too hard. I have played wow since Beta and I do remember the times when only really pro guilds could down the mean 40 man instance bosses. And frankly I thought it was piss annoying that those who didnt actually have all that much time to raid 5 days a week would never be able to see these bosses or the instance for that matter, and also downing them. So therefor I say thumbs up for Blizzard that they managed to put instances together 10 and 25 man and normal and HC diffyculties, so that the more pro guilds could go heroic and those more casual can go normal modes. and also experiencing the entire game, that they pay so much money to play for.

  • Oleander

    I think it’s just right as a first wing, but that’s presuming there will be a jump in difficulty like there was at the Ulduar keepers.

    And it’s still not so easy that everyone just mosies through for free loot.

  • Matriarch

    ups .. sounded a bit angry that reply. Sorry for that. I just wanted to go deeper into my explanation and how I see it all ;).

  • Sunfyre

    Well, back in the old days (god I feel old), I started as a young druid pup.. I grinded 5man dungeons until I could get my entire Wildheart set, and found a guild starting Molten Core that needed a resto druid. I spent hours upon hours grinding through Molten Core (our Baron Geddon kill was after 8 hours of attempts). When I lost internet because I was moving (I was in the military then), I’d drive into downtown Albany to a 24/7 Kinko’s just so I could play. I knew it took time. And at the appropriate time, when I wanted to continue to progress further, and the guild I was in was content not to, I moved on, and I continued to learn more and make myself a better player because I wanted to see all of the content. I never did see Kel’Thuzad in original, but I got to see a lot of Naxx, and I am okay with that.

    Now people can walk into any instance, get gear, and see any endgame, without any real committment or knowledge needed. For those of us who ground our teeth on oldworld content, it’s kind of disheartening to see. I was able to get my hunter to basically full 245+ gear in less then 2 days /played. Come on.

  • Xiera

    Too easy. If you want to make 10-mans substantially easier, fine, but give true raiders something to strive for in 25-man, something they have to earn. How is it right that you can skip straight from heroics to ICC? How do you see all the content that way? You skip Naxx, Sartharion, Malygos, Ulduar, and ToC… and it’s not like any of those are particularly difficult either (actually, Ulduar was about right).

    I’ve warmed up to welfare epics quite a bit, but I still think they’re too accessible. They should have kept the same badges at each level, thereby requiring each character to progress normally. This ensures that the player is (theoretically) capable of performing at the level indicated by their gear.

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